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51 Daily Affirmations for Writer’s Block, Plot Creation, Book Publishing and Royalty Revenues

51 Daily Affirmations for Writer’s Block, Plot Creation, Book Publishing and Royalty Revenues

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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

Welcome back to Inspiration Wise, today we will present you 51 daily affirmations to help you feel better about your writings.

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You can listen to them, or select a few to write down somewhere as soon as you wake up.

Daily Affirmations for Beating Writer’s Block

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1. I am a great writer

2. Nothing stops me from beginning my novel

3. I love writing

4. My novel will be great

5. As soon as I sit down I begin to write

6. Words come to me naturally and I write them

7. The beginning of my novel is forming in my mind

8. I am inspired to start writing

9. I can now continue my novel

10. My opening scene is powerful

11. Blank page is a good start

12. I will form my sentences with ease

13. I will be productive in writing today

14. Next chapter is forming in my mind

15. My headlines are great

Daily Affirmations for Creating Plot/Storyline

1. I can form new ideas in my mind

2. Readers will love my plot

3. I am letting my characters solve this on their own

4. I am inspired to brainstorm my novel plot

5. My story line is strong

6. I love writing this story line

7. I love how my characters react to my story line

8. I got the best plot on my mind

9. This story line will help me develop my characters further

10. This story line will add value to my writing

11. I will immerse my readers in my story line

Daily Affirmations for Publishing

1. I have a perfect publisher

2. My book is worth being published

3. I love publishing my book

4. I will find readers by publishing my work

5. My work deserves to be read

6. My novel deserves to be published

7. I love selecting the book cover

8. I love seeing my book printed out

9. I love holding my paperback book

10. My book is my child, I will let it live

11. My publisher understands my needs

12. I love reaching out to people who can help me publish my book

Daily Affirmations for Book Revenue Growth

Attract Money In Abundance
Attract Money In Abundance

1. My book sales are growing

2. I will sell another book tomorrow

3. I will reach many people now

4. Readers will recommend my book to their friends

5. I will make sales soon

6. I am selling tons of my books

7. I love signing copies to sell them

8. My book cover helps me sell my books

9. My book has attention

10. People are buying my books

11. Soon I will receive my first royalty payment

12. I meet people who love my book

13. People are helping me spread the word about my books

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