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9 Simple Writing Tips That Can Motivate You To Write – No. 7 Might Surprise You

9 Simple Writing Tips That Can Motivate You To Write – No. 7 Might Surprise You

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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

Published journalist-author Harshita Dagha (India) in conversation with Inspiration Wise on some purely cool writing tips.

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words.

— William H Gass

I’ve always been candid about my profession, yet, supremely serious about my passion. I guess this is why I’ve made it this far. Here are some tips and tricks on how writing can be just as smooth as a simile for you.

Read on to see these cool writing tips:

1. Play blindfold with your ink

As futile and impossible writing with the screen off or with white ink on the desktop might sound, give it a shot. This surely brings in the possibility of composing a horrible first draft.

On the flip side, when you can’t take a look at the words on the screen, you won’t have the option to go into self-altering hellfire while you’re composing. You’ll let yourself free and compose with a total surrender to your thoughts/feelings/both.

A while later, you can tidy up the slaughter and make it look all pink and pretty.

2. F for fun, not funeral

What advice would a five-year-old give you about your writings? Would they instruct you to concentrate hard, make strong layouts, and hit your day by day word tally?

No. They’d ask you to have fun. Fun. Remember? When you were a kid, you just thought about experimenting. You didn’t sit around agonizing over what’s to come. The present was all you knew. I get it. You have “huge dreams,” yet if you pay attention to your assignments with a really serious perspective, performance pressure is bound to get the good of you. You’ve got to stop the whole writing thing looking funeral-ish.

Compose something absolutely disconnected to your specialty for sheer enjoyment with no goal hitting the nail. Have fun and watch your interest and imagination prosper.

3. It’s alright to dumb down

Quit attempting to sound savvy every time you write. When you understand you don’t need to write with huge amounts of extravagant words and verbose language, it could be supplanted with less difficult compositions, and writing gets simpler.

Given the experience, I can bet folks appreciate clear writings far better than pretentious wordy babbling.

4. With air, comes flair

This could possibly be one of the best writing tips you’ll receive. Keep a record of the positive remarks you’ve gotten about your writings. Regardless of whether they’re messages or blog remarks, perusing praises you got and hearing how you’ve helped individuals will inspire you.

It’s alright to have an air (if you do, that is) about your skill because, certainly, not many have the ability to step into a scene and let it drip through their fingertips. It will do nothing but motivate you to be better than the best version of you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

writing tips

5. Pointless movements could be your imaginative fuel

Tune in to astute narrating techniques – be it colloquial conversations, the loud regional cricket match commentary or merely the baking channel that runs on your grandma’s old television set – use them in their compositions.

When I focused on writing about what I saw, I drew absolute motivation from the subtlest things in my surroundings and surprisingly, the ink happened to pen a pretty good prose every time I did that.

6. Binge on the bucks

Accept writings assignments even if it’s not exactly the topic you’d absolutely love to pen about. As a hired writer you’ll work within the rules of what your customer needs and make the effort to deliver quality.

This offers the advantage of bringing in cash, in addition to building up a writing propensity en-route.

7. One of the strangest writing tips – DO NOT follow great writers

At a point when you contrast yourself with any semblance of a Hemingway, Plath, or a Murakami, it’s hard not to get debilitated about your own compositions.

So, focus on turning into the best person you can be. There are a lot of successful authors who aren’t legends, yet quite acceptable. Eventually, you’ll get there by following these writing tips and improving.

8. Let your grey cells jog, imagination muscles work out

Compose ten thoughts for every day around your writeups. They could be thoughts for new blog entries, book titles, and book segments or sections. Before the year’s over, you’ll have 3,650 thoughts. The majority of them will suck, some will be acceptable, and a couple will be astounding.

Your imaginative muscles will be solid, and you’ll have unending material to expound on.

9. Express-o

I don’t know a journalist who hasn’t been a sugar daddy to their expresso to cross their love boundaries with their favorite beverage – at par with Rose and Jack. I don’t know whether it’s even conceivable to write well without it. I need my tea each day, every day.

In case you’re feeling stuck, get your shot. It can act not only like a good booster, but also a little tea break which can derail you from the monotony at that time. You can just take a minute out and review what the environment resembles and take a look at folks chit-chattering around you.

Do you have a temporarily uncooperative mind? You know where to go – straight to your coffee machine.

Final thought on writing tips

It’s been a long time since I began, and I had never envisioned I’d be in the place I am today. This can happen to every one of you, however, not without writing your way through each day until you get what you need.

Keep in mind, regardless of whether you write or not, time will pass.

You are ready to write.

You are ready to take the plunge.

You are ready to take on the world like a boss.

Follow these writing tips today.

You’ve got this. Please, please go. Write.

This post was written by published journalist-author Harshita Dagha.

With over a decade’s experience in the lifestyle domain, she aims at engineering creativity. A dreamer, she’s out to win hearts.

Her love for content is truly undying, unapologetic and unconditional.

Connect with her at

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