Mileva Stankovic


Born in Serbia, in 1991, in lower middle class family, she always wanted to become a police officer. After graduating high school to become a tourism technician, everyone convinced her that that vocation is something beautiful, but she still wanted to follow through her dreams.
In 2010 she enters the Academy of Criminalistic and Police studies in Belgrade, where she graduates in 2013, and receives a BA degree of forensics.

After waiting for a job for nearly two years, she decides to try writing a novel. That’s how Abnormally Sane came to life.

In 2017 she publishes a paperback novel in Literary Youth of Serbia called Saga o Belutku (The Pebble Saga)


In 2018 she joins the cryptocurrency world, and gets involved with Book Network – a platform that pays authors in cryptocurrency. She leaves the project quickly with enough knowledge to start her blog Inspiration Wise.

Inspiration Wise a place where the artistic form that is writing – creating the new worlds, characters, emotions and ways to escape our reality – gets highly respected. Intended for aspiring writers and also for published veterans, Inspiration Wise aims to be a way to explore the new frontiers. I hope I will not be posting alone, I urge other writers who would like to join and do a collaboration, to contact me and we will make it happen. Everyone is welcomed here, but fear not – spilling hate and insulting won’t be tolerated. I hope to host many writers, do live inspirational discussions via YouTube, book promotions, share videos with my favorite literary quotes and read parts of my own creations.