Who is behind Inspiration Wise? – About us

Who is behind Inspiration Wise? – About us

Mileva Stankovic is born in Serbia, in 1991. She always wanted to become a police officer. In 2010 she enters the Academy of Criminalistic and Police studies in Belgrade, where she graduates in 2013, and receives a BA degree of forensics.

After waiting for a job for nearly two years, she decides to try writing a novel. That’s how Abnormally Sane came to life.

In 2017 she publishes a paperback novel in Literary Youth of Serbia called Saga o Belutku (The Pebble Saga)

With many years in freelance writing, Mileva can proudly say that she can craft an article on any topic, starting from travel, over medical all the way to the cryptocurrency niche. Her current focus is her blog, Inspiration Wise, where she talks about personal experiences as well as marketing, blogging, writing and motivation. She’s also a published author, working on expanding to foreign publishing markets with her novels and poetry. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Contact: mileva@inspirationwise.com

About Inspiration Wise

IW Blog was primarily created to cover topics about creative writing. As time went by, there was a need to cover other writing-related categories. Today, Inspiration Wise is a place where readers can learn more about creative writing, blogging, freelance writing, as well as become inspired to create.