Articoolo Review: Great Articles for Less Than $1

Articoolo Review: Great Articles for Less Than $1

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Last Updated on July 16, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

Articoolo claims to be among the best AI tools that you can use to create articles, blog posts, and similar content. But is Articoolo really that good? Can AI beat the human mind when it comes to copywriting and guessing the intent of a reader? Let’s find out.

About Articoolo

If you’re just hearing about AI tools that can help you create content, you probably want to know more about it. So let’s dive deep into this Articoolo review to explore it.

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It claims the tool can make a Unique article about any topic for less than $1. And if you’re desperately in need of some magical tool to help you write faster, this article is for you, because today you’ll learn more about the options of Articoolo and boost your productivity and save time – for a very, VERY, low price. 

What makes This Tool Different?

This platform is basically an artificial intelligence writing tool.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. AI is right there to help you write your blog posts or even ebooks! Articoolo is great for SEO, blogging, and content marketing, and that’s exactly why we’re writing about it. This technology is focused on helping writers create textual content and the whole process is faster, cost-efficient, and much more pleasant.

Want to stop wasting time on research? This might be the tool you were looking for. It’s ready to serve whenever you need it. With it, you can create articles and headlines or rewrite already existing blog posts.

Key points

  • Create article
  • Generate headline
  • Find images
  • WordPress plugin
  • Articoolo API

Best for

Bloggers, freelance writers, SEO experts.

Pricing plans

Get ready to be shocked, these prices are easily among the lowest on the market. You can choose your packages:

Articoolo Plan 10 articles package – $19.00Articoolo 10 articles packageArticoolo Plan 50 articles package – $75.00Articoolo 50 articles package
Articoolo Plan 100 articles package – $99.00Articoolo 100 articles package
Articoolo 30 Articles, Monthly Subscription – $29.00Articoolo 30 Articles, Monthly SubscriptionArticoolo 100 Articles, Monthly Subscription – $49.00Articoolo 100 Articles, Monthly SubscriptionArticoolo 250 Articles, Monthly Subscription – $99.00Articoolo 250 Articles, Monthly Subscription
Pricing plans

You’ll also receive free credit for creating your account. In this way, you can test the tool for free at any moment! If you have a coupon code and you’re ready to purchase a package, you’ll score great discounts as well.

Pros and Cons of Articoolo

While the tool is not perfect, you can still make great use of it.

  • AI technology develops the more you use it
  • Has affordable prices
  • Connects existing content into a written piece
  • Great for writer’s block – to get you started
  • Instant delivery
  • Available on other languages
  • Text needs editing – this tool is young
  • Not always 100% unique

How does This AI Work?

Since artificial intelligence is based on behaving and “thinking” like a human mind, this AI tool acts the same. It thinks like a human when asked to write an article on a certain topic. For example, if you wish to cover a topic that’s related to Apple’s products, the AI system will know that you’re not looking to write about fruit. It finds the best resources in the database, gets related content, extracts sentiment and keywords, and create a piece of text. At the last step, it will rewrite the article and verify the readability of the text.

The best thing? It works in about a minute!

Articoolo Review of Features

This tool doesn’t just write for you. This AI system does many other things, and now we’ll explore its features.

Create Articles

You can use this tool to generate articles on any topic you can think of. It works in minutes and the company claims the articles are unique. However, since AI tools aren’t as developed as they can be, your articles may not be as presentable as you might need them to be. So chances are you’ll have to get in and do a little editing of your own to make it even better. But hey – you’ve got 500 words article on a concrete topic in 1 minute of your time. Even if you edit it for 10, it’s still a life-saver!

Rewrite Articles

If you already have an article that you don't like, you can use this feature to rewrite it. Still, just like with the article creation, you should be careful about sentence structures and grammar.

Generate Titles

This feature helps you create titles for articles. Just enter the article URL or copy and paste the text to generate the title. The AI algorithm will suggest alternative titles.

Create Article Summary

Sometimes writing the summary can be harder than creating the article itself. Use the article URL and select the number of words you'd like your summary to have. While testing it, we found that this feature doesn't work as well as we hoped it will. Our desired summary was supposed to have 6 sentences and instead it had 6 words.

Find Images

Having an image in your article drastically increases the chances to rank on Google and attract readers. You can use Articoolo's new feature to find images for your published work. Just paste the URL or the text, and search for the image. Still, we're disappointed to let you know that this feature didn't return results.

Utilize Writer's Helper

This is the one tool you'll love if you're having trouble with writer's block. All you should do is describe what you want to write about and the ideas should pop up. Unfortunately, it appears that this AI tool needs to further develop in order to provide you with great results that you can use.

Keep in mind that this tool is still in its Beta phase.

Install WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin too? Yes. The company also has a WP plugin that you can use directly via your dashboard. How cool is that? This plugin will speed up your content creation and assist you in running your blog or a website.


This tool uses artificial intelligence to help you create a nice piece of written content in a minute or less. But writing isn’t the only feature you can use – there’s headline creation, image search, and more. Keep in mind that this tool is in its Beta phase and that could be the reason many of its features aren't working properly. Still, we believe it cost-effective even if you have to edit the articles a little.

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