7 Cool Blog Name Generators That Will Help You Name Your Blog

7 Cool Blog Name Generators That Will Help You Name Your Blog

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Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

The Internet has a solution for every problem a blogger can face. If you’ve decided to start blogging, then selecting an excellent domain name that is unique and simple at the same time is important. If this is a huge challenge for you, keep reading about what blog name generators can do for you, plus a list of the best blog name generators to use for your domain name.

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How do I Find my Perfect Blog Name?

A blog name should indicate the theme of your website and should be uncommon so your audience can easily identify your content.  

Sometimes, a blog name fails to deliver its purpose because the audience doesn’t even understand its meaning. In some cases, a simple blog name does a better job than a complicated and distinctive one.

It’s all about knowing your website’s objective, your audience, their preference, likes, dislikes, and anything else that can help you name your blog. Luckily, you can also use blog name generators.

What are Some Good Blog Names?

Let’s look at the names of some famous bloggers to get an idea how their name is relevant to their content and why it fits just right.

  1. World Of Wanderlust

She is passionate about travel and her content is all about wandering the world, discovering new places, DIY, food, and much more. Notice how her blog name is unique and introduces her work itself through the name.

  1. Nomadic Matt

Another travel enthusiast, he shares anything and everything related to travel, from tips and experiences to budgeting. The word ‘Nomadic’ here refers to his restlessness and travel enthusiasm while his name ‘Matt’ implies personal experiences.

  1. Write Laugh Dream

No fancy name, just 3 individual words to convey her message. She deals with a number of topics and subjects where advice and opinions are given through her experiences.

There are lots of possibilities for choosing a good name, you can start with yours.

Suppose if your name is Marie and you’re blogging about food and cooking. Then you would name it something like ‘Taste with Marie’ or ‘Marie Cooks’. In both of them, you used your name to establish your individuality and associated it with your work.

We know you can do better than this – just think and experiment until you’re satisfied.

How do You Create a Blog Name?

blog name generators

The main goal of your blog name is to draw readers and promise them valuable content. Get familiar with the interest of your audience. This can help you understand which information would be most beneficial to them and decide on an engaging blog name.

With earlier mentioned tips and methods try to avoid cliche and language which can be misunderstood or too hard to understand. A unique name doesn’t have to be complex, the audience will have difficulty in remembering the name.

If you really struggle with thinking about your blog name, these seven best blog name generators that will help you immensely to choose a blog name.

1. BNG Business Name Generator

This one is a great tool if you’re a beginner because it has a wide range of name-providing capabilities. Just enter any word that you would like to be your blog name and you can further use filters such as character counts, industry, rhyming words, and most importantly availability status of the domain with GoDaddy to narrow down your options.

2. Masterpiece Generator

This website is on our list of blog name generators because it dives a little deep into your interest to generate the best results. It requires you to fill a form that includes two adjectives to describe your blog (e.g. useful, interesting), three verbs that relate to the subject of the blog (e.g. cooking, reading, texting), your first name & last name, and location.

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3. Wpbeginner

Wpbeginner uses artificial intelligence for generating blog names. You need to enter a relevant word, keyword, verb, or anything related to your idea. Then the smart A.I. technology will list a great number of blog names that you can consider using. It provides domain availability status with Bluehost.

4. Satori Web Academy

This name generator helps you brainstorm a domain name for your blog or website. It focuses more on the domain name than just the blog name. The tool uses both a predefined set of popular words, prefixes, and endings, as well as a vast linguistic database to come up with various combinations – and then it checks which ones correspond to domain names that are available for registration.

5. Website Setup Editorial

This blog name generator offers various categories of blogs for you to decide from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, business to DIY, food travel, and more. Before generating blog names you need to enter 2 adjectives that can describe your blog and also you need to enter your first and last name.

6. Nameboy blog name generator

Nameboy is among the oldest and best blog name generators on the internet. It was in the game of generating blog names long before it became a trend. Nameboy has been active since 1999 and helps find creative business names. All you have to do is enter one or two keywords for the search result, you can check domain availability too with bluehost.

7. SEOPressor

SEOPressor is one of those blog name generators that generates intelligent and relevant blog titles with its easy-to-use technology. Just like every other blog name generator on this list, you need to enter a keyword as well as select the purpose of the name from brand/product, event, industry, location, and many more.

Final Word

Naming a blog can be challenging. Luckily, if you struggle, there is the all-knowing internet to help you name your website. You can use these blog name generators to get the wide selection of domain names that can fit your blog.

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