Hemingway Editor in 2021: Here’s What’s New

Hemingway Editor in 2021: Here’s What’s New

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Last Updated on April 11, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

About Hemingway Editor

You’ve probably heard about Grammarly, and know all about it, but have you ever stumbled upon the Hemingway Editor? 

The Hemingway app is slightly different from other writing apps. While Grammarly helps you fix grammar mistakes, Hemingway keeps you focused on readability. It helps you notice complex sentences and deals with making them simple.

Still, there’s more. 

How is the Hemingway Editor Different?

Hemingway Editor makes your writing bold and clear, so you could pass the Flesch reading test with ease. This is crucial for blog posts and texts where you need to be concise. It reads confusing sentence structure, overuse of weak adverbs, passive voice, and similar and it marks the sentences you should edit. 

The great thing about it is that it’s simple to use, with an interface that immediately shows you what you should change to clean up your writing style. 

hemingway editor
Hemingway Editor

Stats and Numbers

According to Ubbersuggest, approximately 210,000 people visit the online Hemingway Editor each month. About 11,000 people downloaded the Hemingway App, close to 1,000 during the last month. Other than that, there’s not much info about the Editor or the App. 

Key Points

  • Simple interface
  • Readability grade levels
  • Desktop app
  • One-time purchase

Best For 

Bloggers, freelance writers.

Pricing Plans

  • Free – online
  • Hemingway Editor App for Mac and PC – $19.99

Pros and Cons

  • Simple interface
  • Cleans up your style
  • Publishing directly to WordPress and Medium 
  • Export to Word
  • Not a spellchecker
  • No editing suggestions 

Hemingway Editor Features

There are a few new features in the Editor, so let’s take a look at all of them. 

Hemingway Editor – free

The first thing we want to mention in this part of Hemingway editor review is that the online Editor can be used completely free. As with any other freemium product, you’ll have some limitations, yet the Editor will do what you need it to do for you – highlight dense writing to help you fix it. 

Readability grade levels 

One of the first things you notice when you start using Hemingway Editor are the grade levels. Grades mark how easy it is to read your content. Hemingway judges the grade level by using the Automated Readability Test. 

According to studies, the average American reads at grade 10, so that’s a good place to be when writing. 

Write and Edit modes

There are two modes in the online version of Hemingway – write and edit. In its essence, it’s the same window, only once you click edit, it removes all the highlights and lets you write without distractions. 

Writing Mode


This is another crucial element of an online Hemingway editor. This feature helps you create more vivid writing by advising you to switch from adverbs to verbs. 

Simpler words

We know that sometimes you may want to sound knowledgeable and feel like you must use complicated words. However, if you see a word highlighted with purple, check to see the recommended replacement. 

Passive voice

This is the hardest one to avoid for many of us. Luckily, the Hemingway Editor doesn’t judge. Since passive voice is hard to notice, Hemingway will highlight it with green. 

Text formatting 

There are quite a few text formatting options available on Hemingway online Editor: 

  • P: A standard paragraph.
  • H1: The largest heading. Used for document titles.
  • H2: The second-largest heading. Used for major sections.
  • H3: The smallest heading. Used for minor sections.

Quotes, bullets, numbers, and links are also there to help you make your text pretty. 

Hemingway Editor App

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get Hemingway editor free download edition. If you’re looking for a Desktop app, you’ll have to purchase it. The good thing is that it’s only $19 for a one-time purchase and you get access to all future updates. 

hemingway app
Hemingway App

Hemingway Editor version 3

The latest version of the Hemingway App can be used anywhere, you don’t even need to have an internet connection. When it comes to text formatting, the app behaves the same as the online Editor, but with few new options: 

  • Publish on WordPress and Medium – new
  • Export to Microsoft Word
  • Send Hemingway highlights to a colleague – new


You can use the Hemingway editor app to publish your content directly on WordPress, Medium, and the rest of the Webspace. It has one-click integrations with the two platforms and handy HTML formatting. 


What we loved about this software is the simple interface. If you click on the Writing mode, you’ll have a clean, white space to write your text on. In the Edit mode, you can check the sentence structures, passive voice, adverbs and improve the readability of your text.

Customer Support

At the time of writing this Hemingway editor review, we couldn’t find any complaints about the company’s customer support. Unfortunately, the only way to reach out is via email at 

There’s also a FAQ page available, and surprisingly enough to help you understand what you’re doing with the software. 


  • Free – online
  • Hemingway Editor app for Mac and PC – $19.99

If you decide to purchase it, you’ll be redirected to Gumroad and pay with PayPal. If you have any questions, need your receipt, or want to ask for a refund, contact the support at the email we mentioned above. 

Final Thoughts

The Hemingway Editor is a solid program that can help you clean up your writing style. Keep in mind that it is software only, and as such it might often highlight something that shouldn’t be changed. 

With a simple interface where you can both write and edit and the same time, Hemingway Editor can be your go-to for shorter texts and blog posts. If you’re an author, you might want to use it in combination with another tool. 


How to use Hemingway Editor?

Using the Editor is super simple. You can copy/paste the written text or write directly in the window or the app. Once your text is in the Editor, it will provide you with highlights of various colors to help you understand what you should edit. It also shows the grade, reading time, and a number of characters, letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. 

Is Hemingway editor free?

The online version of Hemingway Editor is completely free to use at any time. However, if you’re worried about typing your text offline, you may want to get the app. 

Is Hemingway Editor good?

This tool is great for blog posts and shorter texts. Unfortunately, it’s not geared towards authors since it focuses on cleaning up your style, and novels or poems often don’t need that type of editing. It’s best to use it with other writing and editing tools if you’re doing the editing on your own.  

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