Nature Heals: 12 Ways to Utilize The Power of Nature Today

Nature Heals: 12 Ways to Utilize The Power of Nature Today

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Last Updated on April 3, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

Ever since the beginning of time, people knew that nature heals. Our ancestors built their huts closer to water and ran into the forests to hunt and survive.

They had immediate contact with the healing power of nature.

Today, our busy lives hardly allow us to take the time and appreciate all the ways in which nature can heal us. Still, nature heals, and it’s out there, and we can utilize it to feel better, both mentally and physically.

We can still find the way to include nature in our lives. This is how.

Nature Heals and its Powers are Beautiful

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Vincent Van Gogh

The most gorgeous part is that nature’s healing powers and beauty are free. Nature around us can be as small as a flower in a pot and it can still bring you joy and inspiration.

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Green Nature Heals and It’s All Around Us

Not everyone is lucky enough to be close to a forest or a park. Understandably, we had to move the nature and accommodate the space to fit billions of people globally.

Still, there are places where we couldn’t build parks and yet we managed to keep nature close to us.

Take for example Singapore’s Changi Airport. Being one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia, it keeps a throne as the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax for the seventh consecutive year since 2013. And it’s no wonder, just look at the photo below!

HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore

Speaking of joining nature and cities – vertical forests are getting implemented around the world to help tackle pollution – they absorb carbon dioxide, filter dust from pollution, and produce oxygen. The bond between a man and nature seems unbreakable.

Nature heals in more ways than one. We have at our disposal free ground, water, light, and plants. We can use nature to heal our bodies and improve our mental health. Nature heals for free, although sometimes you might need to drive around and spend some gas to get to a nature-healing place.

So how do we use it for raising our vibe and getting inspiration when we live far away from natural healing centers or parks?

1. Nature Heals Visually – Look at the Color

We can always use all our senses to get in contact with nature.

Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, and it is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and the environment. While we observe our green surroundings we soak in the positivity and vitality.

This is just one of the ways in which the nature heals us visually.

Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay

The color green revitalizes us when we are physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted. If you can, find a piece of nature. It can be a park near your home or a planted flower in your garden. Sit in close to it and observe its characteristics. Look at how bright and “alive” the color of the leaves is. Take it all in with deep breaths.

If you are really stuck and can’t visit a park or you’re in any way stopped from reaching out to nature, meditate by thinking about green color.

Green is associated with the Heart Chakra and by meditating with your focus on it, you will wake it up.

How to meditate with colors?

Sit comfortably and take time to relax, take as long as you need. Then try to visualize yourself immersed in green. Green is all around you, it’s fresh and vital and you are breathing it in, deeply. Stay in this meditation for as long as you need. After practicing it a few times you’ll notice you feel better. (Hint – this meditation can be done with any color, depending on the Chakras you wish to wake up).

2. Nature Heals via Touch – Hug a Tree

Touch your tree.

Hugging a tree helps your brain release oxytocin, and it helps you connect with nature and ground yourself. The healing powers of nature will take you over when you hug a tree. You’ll feel its energy and recuperate.

Trees are the lungs of our planet, but they also have longevity and strong root systems. In a spiritual way, trees have witnessed generations of humans coming and passing and stood strong, yet still, they are flexible when the storms hit their trunks and branches.

If you look at Celtic Tree Astrology, you will find “your tree”. If that’s not your cup of tea, I’m pretty sure you can hug any tree out there and still reap the benefits.

Nature heals in the smallest of ways!

If you can’t find your personal tree anywhere, consider purchasing a Bonsai one. Bonsai tree is a miniature version of any tree. It’s cared for in a specific way and can keeping it can improve your living space.

3. Nature Heals Through Smell – Sniff the Grass

The saying goes “smell the roses” but smelling the grass is a bit different.

**Skip this one if you’re allergic to pollen and similar allergens!

If you don’t have a grass to trim in your backyard, find a place nearby where they’ve recently trimmed it! Try to catch on that scent of freshness and just relax. You won’t need much time, but you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Bonus – you can observe the green color of freshly cut grass.

4. Nature Heals Via Sounds – Listen to the Forest

If you live close to a forest or a park, try to take a walk at least a few times a month. Listen to the trees and branches moving and feel the ground below your feet. Focus on being grounded and present at the moment. With a little more free time, you might catch a sunset or a sunrise and enjoy the view. Listen to the birds and movement of the animals.

Still, if you’re farther away from the forest or parks, play the sounds of nature. It will fill your home with pleasant vibes. Nature heals through sounds, even if they come from your laptop.

What else can you do? Help this planet by planting a tree or enrich your living space with a house plant. And never forget:

“Listen to the air. You can hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Woniya wakan—the holy air—which renews all by its breath. Woniya, woniya wakan—spirit, life, breath, renewal—it means all that. Woniya—we sit together, don’t touch,
but something is there; we feel it between us, as a presence. A good way to start thinking about nature, talk about it. Rather talk to it, talk to the rivers, to the lakes, to the winds as to our relatives.”

John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions

Nature Heals With Water

Humankind is surrounded by water and it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be here without it. It is the basis on which our whole planet resides, if not the complete solar system.

Scientists have found water in the most surprising places in our Universe, and while we are still looking for a copy of our planet, water seems to emmerge as a part of other worlds around us.

The chemical elements in water, hydrogen, and oxygen are some of the most abundant elements in the universe.

Wet planet...

And we already know that we are made of the same space dust as all the things around us, and water is also a part of the equation called human.

Planet Earth has 70% of the water in, on and around it, and humans contain a similar percentage in their bodies – 60%.

Yet we seem to keep ignoring its power.

Water in Religions

It’s not strange that some of the earliest civilization resided near the rivers and harnessed the power of water. While people weren’t focused on the natural healing through water, it was needed for the very survival.

As humanity developed, its usage grew and expanded to religious rituals.

It was used for bathing, washing, drinking, or as a sacrifice; for example, the largest religious ritual in the world – the Hindu Kumbh mela festival – is a water-related ritual.

Water has a strong meaning in the Bible, as the Genesis flood cleansed the world, Jesus has turned water into wine and walked on top of it to wake up the faith in his disciples, but those are not the only instances where water was strongly connected to the higher forces. Baptism on its own means purification and freedom from sins, and holy water is present in many religions.

Buddhist monks have high respect for nature and in the Zen culture, drinking tea is impossible without water as the entire ritual is centered around the focus on preparing the tea. Meditation through movements and focus on water are also included.

Some believe that water was the crucial thing to the creation of our world. One could say that through the water we are one with everything. And nature heals us with water as well.

Today we have discovered that the healing power of water resides in its memory.

As we are vibrational beings, and we are made of water, the water in our bodies remembers the events that we went through. But it’s not only the water inside you that “knows” what happened – it’s also all the water around us that had traveled its way and reached us and continued its path.

When you drink water, you drink its memory too. And it affects you. Maybe you don’t notice it, but paying attention to it and practicing a thank you ritual might make you feel better.

5. Do The Thank You Ritual

Our words are vibration, and they can affect the water that we drink.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has concluded that speaking words into the water can affect its crystals.

Positive and uplifting words, either said to the water or labeled on a bottle had such an effect that the frozen water created symmetrical and beautiful crystals.

Take a bottle or a glass of water and speak to it. It might make you feel strange at the beginning, but try it out. Thank the water for keeping you and all of us alive, for hydrating your body, for keeping you healthy, your skin younger and your hair and nails shiny.

Show gratitude for all the inspiration you can achieve once you refresh yourself with it.

Thank it for being there once you wake up, brush your teeth and take a shower.

Praise it for being the only thing that can help you feel clean and rinse a hard day off of your shoulders.

Focus your positive energy towards that glass or bottle and then drink it slowly afterward.

6. Make Solarized Water

This method is based on the vibration of color that can be embedded in water.

You make solarized water by finding glasses of a certain color, filling them with water and leaving it on the sun for a few hours, then drinking it. Even though its primarily used for healing, it can also be used for achieving peace of mind.

Purple glass can ease your mind and bring you peace, green eases stress, yellow is good for studying and alertness and pink for lack of energy.

And last but not least:

7. Observe the Water in its Natural Movement

Observing a body of water can put in perspective how tiny we really are, but also how connected to everything and everyone we are if only we paid attention. It’s a fact that nature heals via water and provides mental clarity.

nature heals - river flowing
Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

If you can find a place and time to meditate near the water, that would benefit you even more. You’d regain peace of mind and in time you’ll change your perspective of life to a positive one.

If you’re the type of person who prefers movement for mental clarity, do yoga instead of meditating. Or even run near a seaside.

In case you don’t live near a body of water, buy a fountain for your home or backyard. The mere sound of it will help you regain peace. If fountains are too much for you or you don’t have a place, get an aquarium. Fish are easy to keep as pets and their repetitive movements will soothe you while the bubbly sound of water filter will reminds you of the fountain.

Heal With What the Earth Gave You

It’s there to keep us grounded, evoke the emotion of safety, feed our crystals, and guide us around the Milky Way. The earth we walk on is quite magical, and if you failed to realize its power and importance in our lives, you can read more below. 

8. Follow a Grounding Technique

The human body is comprised of trillions of cells, and in the center of it, all are atoms. Atoms further have electrons, protons, and neutrons, and electrons are exactly what we use when we ground ourselves.

Unfortunately, our development has stopped us from connecting to earth as we did before. Today we wear shoes, we avoid walking barefooted, and some researchers say that this contributes to our feeling of unwell

Still, we are one with this world, and as such we should do our best to feel connected. With earthing we can achieve a connection with the primordial flow of Earth’s electrons in a short period of time and only 20 to 30 minutes of this activity will give positive results. Health benefits of earthing include

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved blood circulation 
  • Restored electrical state in our bodies

Here’s a nice video on how you can apply grounding techniques:

If you can’t find a grounding place, there are grounding mats that you can purchase to replace the rock, soil, or sand. 

9. Play with Zen Gardens

Zen gardens are a perfect way to develop your creativity, meditate, and use ground (sand) to reach mindfulness. They’re just one of the ways in which nature heals your mental health.

Created by Japanese monk Muso Soseki in the Muromachi Period (14th to 16th century) Zen gardens were a way to mirror the natural flow of water where water wasn’t present.

There are many variations of Zen gardens. You can create your own if you have enough space, or you can shop for a mini replica, that has the same effect on your mindfulness. You can use these mini Zen gardens in your office or at home and instantly feel the relief. 

10. Use Crystals to Make You Feel Better 

Crystals and gemstones have some healing properties. How wouldn’t they? They came to be in the depths of Earth, million years ago. As such, they’ve soaked in the energy of the ground and can emit it through vibrations.

Each crystal has a different meaning, and you can use them in meditations, carry them on your body as jewelry, or keep them in your home, strategically placed to attract good vibes. 

Crystals align with your energy, and you should be aware of when they’re “full” and need to be cleaned. Know that you should care about each crystal that you own, and it will return the love. Be informed about how you can use different gemstones while grounding, and how to take clean and recharge your stones for maximum effect. 

Enjoy the Light

We are visual beings on top of all, and one of the best ways in which nature heals is the light. Light can be used as a medicine. Phototherapy is the use of light in medical treatments, and it’s giving great results so far.

11. Apply Phototherapy

Again, light is energy, and as such it has vibrational feature. The goal of phototherapy is to utilize certain wavelengths and use its healing properties. Those wavelengths can penetrate the skin, where the subcutaneous cells absorb it and use it to heal.

Red Light Therapy (RLT) is one of the most commonly used light treatment for skin conditions. What’s even better – you can do it at home. Red Light Therapy lamps are an affordable option to get rejuvenated.

12. Get That Vitamin D

Nature heals through sunlight and it gives us one of the most essential vitamins – Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms include:

  • getting sick often
  • bone and back pain
  • fatigue
  • hair loss
  • poor wound healing
  • muscle pain

Sunlight is the only way our bodies can synthetize this vitamin, and that’s why you should take the time to enjoy sunlight as much as you can. If you live a life where you’re not exposed to sunlight, consider supplements.

Nature Heals – Final Thoughts

We live on a planet with nature that can help us heal, all we should do are devote the time and effort to reach it. We have everything we need around us, regardless of our current living environment.

Nature’s healing powers are free and there is a solution for everyone, whether you live in an NYC apartment or on a farm. You don’t need anything to walk around barefoot in a park, or meditate near the body of water.

Nature heals us through the light above and the ground beneath us. All we can do is take what it gives us.

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