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2 Things to do Before Embarking on a Writing Journey

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This will be one of those short but sweet articles, where I would like to talk about what you can do to uplift your writing session. It doesn’t matter whether you write a short story or a novel, or maybe even something work-related, this can help.

Number one is to find peace.

Your surroundings can greatly affect your writing tempo. If you constantly suffer interruptions, you won’t get too far. Try to isolate yourself, physically, from this world. If that’s not possible, maybe try listening to classical music while you write – everyone knows people with headphones should be left alone – or if that’s not possible, take a walk before you start to help you prepare mentally.

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Doing all the tasks beforehand, or helping a family member with whatever they might need help with can minimize, if not stop them from interrupting you. Have in mind the hour of the day. If you write at night, chances are the only sound you’ll hear are crickets.

If you’re a morning writer, try dealing with your chores before sitting down to write, or simply ask the people around you to leave you alone for some time. You deserve to have fun with your characters! If writing is that important to you (which I will presume it is), try to get up 30 minutes earlier to manage what you should do.

Turn your phone off! To me, writing is often like studying – I tend to be captivated by social networks rather than focused on the creation before me. (If you write by hand this is easy to avoid. Also – my kudos to you if you’re writing anything longer than a poem by hand! What dedication!)

Have in mind that silence around you is equally important as silence within you! Without the silence in your mind, you can’t have focus, and that can result in lots of editing later.

I know it might sound cliché but try meditating if you can’t focus. It doesn’t have to be just sitting in silence, you can play some of the meditation music from YouTube, or even listen to a guided meditation for writing. That can help soothe your mind and get your focus on the right track.

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Number two is to find your inspiration.

Inspiration is a lot more than just getting an idea and starting to act on it. It’s the reason why you write, it’s the emotion behind it, it’s the love towards it and the ultimate need for expressing yourself.

Remember each of those, dig deep into yourself and recall every aspect of why you’re a writer. It often helps to get back a little bit and read what you wrote. Even if it might seem disastrous and bad, you need to realize it only looks like that to you because you wrote it.

It won’t look like that to others. You never know who will find themselves in your book, you never know if you will help someone get out of a crisis or maybe even save a life!

Written artwork is a powerful tool. It not only improves the culture of a nation, but it enriches a reader’s soul. Observe for a moment, the power you have in your hands. The words will come out of your fingertips in a blip.


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