5 Writing Problems and How to Solve Them

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We’ve all been there – there are many writing problems we’ve faced. Trust me. But today, everything can be solved with as little as a click of a button on a keyboard.

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Practice makes perfect

Writing is, just like painting, a skill that can be practiced. Many don’t observe it that way, but if you only look at what you wrote a few years back, and compare it to your most recent writings, you will notice a huge difference.

There’s not a lot that should be done to improve your writing skills but to write more. It’s like exercising – the more you use your body, the better results you will have.

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This goes on for the length of time spent in the writing sessions too. In the beginning, you probably won’t be able to sit down and write for hours, but after some time, you’ll notice that you’ll spend more time doing it.

You’ll be able to write longer because your mind will get used to forming sentences in longer periods without getting tired. The benefit – the more you write, the better the sentences will become.

Another thing you should do is read more. By reading other people’s works we identify what we would like to apply to our novels and we soak it in, to use it later.

Editing is tiresome

But it’s also the best way to hone your skills and teach your mind what you’d like to correct in the future. There are a lot of tools to help you with editing your novel, such as Grammarly. Grammarly premium offers a variety of tools that will benefit both your writing and editing process.

I like to edit my work because that’s a specific practice of searching for the best word that shapes the meaning of a sentence the way I like it. By seeing how my first draft has changed, I can progress in my future. And checking it with Grammarly only adds a layer of certainty that I did a great job.

If it’s hard for you to find time to edit your stuff, look for an editor who can help you out.

Beta readers can give you a significant insight into what could be changed too.

It might be costly, but sometimes it’s worth it. Just make sure you read their editing and try to figure out what they changed.

You will hate people’s opinions

And it’s totally justifiable! Our books are like our babies – we’ve invested a lot of time and pain in “raising” them, but here comes a friend who doesn’t like it.

…“You should’ve killed X.”

…“Nah, I didn’t find him worthy of that.”

…“Why would you write it like this?”

*Reads half of the book* “Don’t tell me he’s the killer?”

Sometimes people will make you regret what you wrote.

But you should let them read it simply for the sake of beating the anxiety.

Still, I find nothing more irritating than writers attempting to satisfy all of their audience.

Realize that you can’t do that, as somewhere out there, there will always be a person who will not like a part of your novel or one of your poems. But think of it like this – it can help you grow out of your comfort zone.

Just like you don’t place your characters in a sweet environment where they can’t develop, life doesn’t do it for you either.

And with your growth, your writing skill grows.

Publishers will reject you

This is a tough one because it directly makes you think that you’re not good enough.

You are, they’re just not the right publisher for you.

I’ve adopted this way of thinking a long time ago. If it doesn’t happen, I don’t force it or regret it. This is for my greatest good.

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I know that seeing your book in print is a dream come true, but look at it this way – for example, if the publisher you wanted to go with has weak marketing, your book would never swim out to the surface.

Sometimes it’s best to go on a path of self-publishing. There are tons of platforms out there who won’t judge you for your writings or deny your manuscript. All you have to do is push a button and you’re done.

Amazon even offers print on demand, so you will have the option to print your book!

What’s most important is that your book gets visibility. Which brings us to the worst part:

You’ll probably have to promote your book on your own

The self-publishing market is saturated with authors. So you’ll have to do anything it takes to show that you’re good enough to be noticed. There are a few steps you can take to promote your book properly.

We can divide this into two phases:

Before your book comes out:

  • Organize a book launch. This way you prepare people for what’s coming.
  • Contact bloggers willing to promote you. Blogging is the best way to promote a product these days, so it’s best to find someone, even if you have to pay, to write a blog post about your book, like Ronald found me, and I was happy to show my support. He paid only $10 for his promo.
  • Ask your family and friends to spread the word.
  • But make sure you set up your social media beforehand.

Once your book launches, make sure you promote it even more.

  • Use paid advertisements for your social media to attract more followers. Now that your book is out, they’ll have a reason to follow you.
  • Organize book live book promotions and giveaways.

As book marketing might get overwhelming, I’ll soon write an in-depth post about how you can promote your book. Once you realize that it’s not that hard, all you have to do is start.

UPDATE: Here is the book promotion article

What was the worst part of your writing journey? For me, it’s definitely the editing that takes the most time.

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  1. Writing skills mean the writer is to write down their thoughts/ideas/opinions/facts/stories etc in a manner that makes their thoughts clear and comprehensible to the reader. Good writing needs to have good vocabulary, correct grammar and spellings along with perfect punctuation.thnak for your information I will come back and read more.

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