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6 Books to Gift Your Boyfriend for Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner!

Or at least so it seems while browsing online and walking around town.

Admit it – you already started thinking about gifts.

The book is like a perfume – if you know the person very well, you know what she loves to read. This makes books the best gifts.

Below is the list of 6 books you could gift your boyfriend for Xmas. These are based on my personal opinion.

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1984 is Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece. A classic. I believe that everyone should have this book on their shelf. If your boyfriend is one of those who barely use the social networks and thinks the government is here to bring havoc into human life, this is the book you want to buy your boyfriend for Christmas.

Big Brother and the Thought Police are always watching poor Winston Smith, even when he falls in love with Julia, who teaches him that life is full of color. But questioning the world around them and doubting the Party won’t get them further than Room 101.

The Guardians

John Grisham does it again with The Guardians.

A story of injustice will always entice the human mind, simply because we could all find ourselves in a situation where innocence can’t be proved. Especially when there’s a lack of evidence and witnesses.

Will Cullen Post manage to exonerate Quincy, a black man in the predominantly white surrounding, or die trying?

“…Grisham at his passionate best, conveying every ounce of his anger at the corruption behind the law. It is his finest book for some time. Do not miss it” – Daily Mail

“A canny and engrossing blend of two types of Grisham novel: enough of the familiar formula of a single lawsuit in a single town, mixed with a more picaresque and multistranded approach that has the significant advantage of taking in a wider swathe of America” – The Sunday Times

“Delivered with all his signature easy, flowing style. A past master at the art of deft characterization and the skillful delivery of hair-raising crescendos, Grisham makes this a deceptively easy read. But The Guardians is much more than a simple legal divertissement… Grisham aims a spotlight at the all-too-prevalent venality of the American ‘win at all costs’ prosecutorial attitude… much of his inspiration is based on tragic fact” – Irish Independent

The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan

In case your boyfriend is a huge fan of the series the Walking Dead, but he is less familiar with the comics, or even better – he loves the comics too but you are certain he missed buying this one, Here’s Negan is the comic you can gift him for Christmas to help him fill up the blanks about Negan – perhaps one of the best villains in the show.

We were all in tears when Negan killed two of Rick’s friends in such a brutal way. It made all of us think, “What has to happen to a man to go that far away from empathy”.

Here’s Negan comic shows us exactly that. Without revealing much, I can only say that Negan wasn’t always that gore.

The Martian

Enrich your boyfriend’s library with this gem for Christmas.

Placing humans in enclosed space, whether it be a ship, an airplane or in this case, a whole other planet, has always been a favorite thing writers can think of. That way all the characteristics of a man can come to the surface, and their flaws and virtues can develop more intensely.

Mark Watney finds himself stranded and alone with no way to even send a signal to Earth that he’s alive. Even if he could get the word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive.

But he’s not ready to give up, at all.

Terrific stuff, a crackling good read that devotees of space travel will devour like candy…succeeds on several levels and for a variety of reasons, not least of which is its surprising plausibility.”—USA Today

Better Call Saul: The World According to Saul Goodman

I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad, especially Saul Goodman! (I find that Breaking Bad is one of the best ways to showcase a character development, and not only Walter’s character on that note.) So one day I was chilling on the web when I found out that there’s this book. I had to get it instantly!

It’s filled with Saul’s pictures, quotes, and series events. A good way to remember some of the best Breaking Bad moments and also read and see more about Saul’s fixtures and fittings around the office, his attire, who you can sue and handle different clientele!

Ham On Rye

Charles Bukowski is one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century.

This autobiographical novel is considered to be his finest novel. A classic of American literature, it offers powerful insight into his youth through the prism of his alter-ego Henry Chinaski, who grew up to be the legendary Hank Chinaski of Post Office and Factotum.

Ham on Rye starts from Chinaski’s earliest memories and slowly leads the reader deeper and deeper into the life of his character.

Dealing with the relationship between parents, economic status, social values and a standard individual against the system theme, this is a very complex work.

How did you like this list? What will you gift your boyfriend this Christmas?


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