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6 Haunting Halloween Writing Prompts to Spice up Your Inspiration

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Today I want to inspire you to write some scary stories with these Halloween Writing Prompts

BABY Halloween Writing Prompts

It so happened that our baby was born 2 days before Halloween. We came home from the hospital fairly quickly as he was graded as one of the best babies in recent months. We were happy. He was sleeping a lot so I had the time to decorate our home with love. My husband and I carved the pumpkins, showing them to our child, who somehow never had his eyes open. He was chuckling as if he could see, but we simply thought he was lazy and didn’t pay much attention. Then it happened. On Halloween night he has opened his eyes. They were nothing but black…

CLOWNS Halloween Writing Prompts

“But, officer, it’s the clowns, the clowns did it!” “Sir, you were the only one we saw when we came to the crime scene.”

CHURCH Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween Writing Prompts

Once we reached the old church, we ran inside. It was deserted for years and we couldn’t wait to count our candy and exchange it. Evan pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and we were shocked. “Where did you get that?” “I stole it from my folks. They never even touch it.” “Your parents will kill you.” “Nah, they won’t even notice. I’ll just pour some tea in the bottle tomorrow.” We had a good laugh.

The church had a certain warmth, kinda weird for an old place like this. We lit the candles. Time flew, we were getting drunk until Maya screamed. We all looked at her direction and saw her stare at an old Jesus statue which was bleeding all over the place. Evan yelled “What did you do, Maya? That won’t scare us!” But she just shook her head. Until we saw one white mask with black eyes near the window and the door shut…

PAST Halloween Writing Prompts

“I remember that Halloween,” I said to my grandkids. “We were on the graveyard when it started. And we ran as fast as we could when the dead started rising.”

DOGS Halloween Writing Prompts

Dogs started howling the day before. They didn’t stop until all of us died…

ACCIDENTS Halloween Writing Prompts

It was our 14th car crash that evening. This time we’ve hit the cat that ran across the street and I was the first to die – again. I wish he dies first sometimes. Maybe I’ll feel better when we reach our 21st accident.

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