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6 Free Blogging Tools You Need to Start a Blog

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So here I wish to make the shortest list of blogging tools that you will need to start your blog. Later on, I will speak more in-depth about other blogging stuff, but for now, this is what you need to focus on.

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But before I start, just have in mind – blogging is not a short-term way of getting a lot of money. I’ve read an article on Medium the other day about a guy earning $11k a month with “writing quality content”. He NEVER stated a source or a screenshot or advised as to where other bloggers can apply to earn that kind of money.

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If you pay attention and read the comments, there are a lot of click-baits out there that will teach you nothing specific.

I’m here for transparency. When I write a post, I tend to post screens and openly say what I tested, but also what I don’t know. We are here to learn together, and I just wish to share my 2 cents on the blogging industry.

Now, to the blogging tools!

1. A platform where you will write aka place your content. I use Wix, many use WordPress, and others use Blogger.

UPDATE 7/23/20 I’ve left WIX platform after six months of blogging on it. Read this to see why.

It all depends on how you wish to manage your content. I don’t mind my content not being mine for the first year. I’m testing stuff out and Wix has proven to be okay for now. Many will argue that Wix is the worst possible choice, but I don’t care. I stay with my mantra – go with the flow. If I need to move to WP, I will. Explore and read what bloggers say. Don’t rush into it.

2. A domain. I use GoDaddy, but just as I bought the domain I realized that the only way to reach support is via phone. That’s insanity, so I’ll do my best to see if I can buy my domain on a platform that has email support. Why you need a domain? You want to look and feel pro. Plus, if you want to monetize your blog, you can’t do it unless you have a domain.

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I see a lot of people out there not owning their domain but complaining about not being able to monetize. Don’t be that person!

3. Great content. Okay, doesn’t fall under “blogging tools” but you get the picture. Now, every product has its buyer. So I don’t doubt that some people have their audience too. (I’m sorry, guys, but some blogs I’ve read are really poorly written).

If you struggle with content ideas, try Articoolo. I’ve done a review of this blogging tool and you can read it here. Articoolo can help you create unique article about any topic for less than $1!

BUT I will guess that it’s not about mistaking the words and letters as much as the point you’re trying to convey. After all, we’re all human and make mistakes. If you can pass on a message in a somewhat clear way, I’m sure you will have people who will read it. But, will those people be quality enough for you?

You need your readers to be able to understand you in later phases of blogging (when you get ready to launch a course, an eBook, etc.), and in a way, you’re filtering the people who don’t get you by writing in the highest quality manner that you currently can.

I say currently because writing style evolves and grows. You will see your progress very soon.

If you struggle with creating high-quality content for your blog, and are unsure about your content creation, check out this Articoolo – an artificial intelligence tool that can help you create content in less than a minute!

4. Google Analytics and Google AdSense. Apply to Google AdSense right away. I got rejected once after about a month, updated my blog with content and meta description, applied again and was accepted. You can move to other ad providers later when you reach a desired level of monthly visitors on your blog.

By setting up Analytics, you will be able to follow up with your visitors.

(Something happened to my Analytics Along the way so I don’t think it shows my visitors correctly now. I’ve had the issue where Analytics “thought” that I have two “same” domains, I tried to fix it but I think I failed. Hire a webmaster to help you with your blog and if you don’t know stuff! Learn from my mistakes.)

5. At least one social network, preferably with followers. I’m saying one for now, because you might get overwhelmed if you try to deal with many at the same time. I omitted Instagram and Twitter, for now, focusing on Facebook and Pinterest. (As you might have heard, Pinterest is a blogging monster regarding traffic. Wrote more about Pinterest here.)

UPDATE 7/23/20 I’ve expanded on Instagram and already conquered Twitter. So far so good!

6. Moz, Ahref, Diib or SEMrush account. – optional. I use these blogging tools to track my blog’s progress.

Test your domain on SEMrush below:

Summary of blogging tools:

Blogging and earning will take time. Be prepared.

To start your blog, you will need

  • A platform to manage your content
  • A domain
  • Great content
  • Google Analytics and Google Adsense
  • At least one social network
  • Moz, Ahref, Diib or Semrush account – optional

I almost forgot – make sure you know what you’re writing about and somewhat love it. You will spend a lot of time on that topic!

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