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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

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I know, I’m late, but hey, it’s the will that counts, right? Plus, it’s still April 1st somewhere.

I’m participating in the A-Z blogging challenge, which means that I’ll be posting one blog post per day, for the whole of April, following the Alphabet. So this post is the A post, and the first one for the challenge.

What do I do as a blogger every day? Let me tell my story.

I wake up at about 10 AM. It’s the self-isolation time right now, so I can chill in bed a little longer. I grab my old phone – since I broke the new one – and hang out on Instagram.
I get up, brush my teeth, get coffee and turn my laptop on and instantly check Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Nothing new. Hmm.

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I go for Google AdSense and Analytics to check my page views.

Nothing new.

I sigh. I have a clear vision for this blog. This is something I love doing and I hope to earn from it one day. But until then, I want to build and present it in the best way possible.

Since there’s usually nothing going on overall, I just chill for a little longer. I take a lot of time to fully wake up and get my mind to where it’s supposed to be.

If I have any clients, I do stuff for them, and try to finish before lunch, cause I need to make lunch. Huh. Adulting is hard.

When the clock ticks 3 PM I head over to check my stats again.

Nothing new.

I wonder if all of this makes sense. If the numbers will grow. If things will change.
I follow some people on Twitter and Instagram. Chill with my cats.

I write a blog post, or I think about writing one. At 4 PM I am officially done for the day. Sometimes I’ll create new pins for Pinterest, sometimes I’ll play the guitar.

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At about 6 PM I start thinking about dinner. Dinners are tough ones, because I’m lazy to make them. Plus I need to have 2 dinners, I’m like a Hobbit. I sigh. The world should give me a free second dinner.

I look at my stats.

Nothing new.

I have a little notebook where I write motivational messages for myself. I write something down at about 8 PM. That’s also the time when I grab a glass of something. Beer is my favorite, but a bottle of wine can do.


A bottle.

I turn up the volume on YouTube.

Think about life. I want to write my book, but 9gag gets all my attention away from everything. Laugh a bit.

I check Alexa rank. It’s going well.

At about 11 PM I get ready for bed. ASMR helps me fall asleep faster. My last thoughts are about a blog post I’ll write tomorrow.


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