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A Sparkle of Love November 6th, 2019

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Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. My sparkle… Huh.

She sighed while getting back to her surroundings. A cacophony of voices dulled her vision for a single moment of returning to reality. She was still holding the handle of the cup. My sparkle.

What was her sparkle anyway? Working as a news research assistant in a magazine she actually hated would certainly dull her sparkle. It wasn’t a question of if but when. She hated the job, but the checks kept convincing her to come back to her desk day after day.

Someone called her out, and while she was rushing to place the cup of coffee back and pick up the newest ideas she wrote down, her hand made a mistake of placing the bottom of the cup over the nearby pen, the coffee cup leaned on the side and suddenly, before she had a way to react, her bittersweet beverage was everywhere, soaking the papers, ideas, and most importantly – her laptop.

“Damn it.” She whispered, bowing her head, while the voice calling her became slightly annoyed by her delay.

“What did you do?” The voice approached, sternly.

By that time the coffee was leaking on the floor, all the documents were soaked and the laptop turned off.

“I-I got my coffee…”

“In my office. Now.” The voice turned around and she knew her spark will definitely be dulled now.

She was rushing outside, with the box of her stuff in her hands. Running down the stairs, her eyes slowly filling up with tears, she tried opening the door unsuccessfully, when a guy pulled them from the other side and bumped into her, straight on, helping her drop her papers and the box.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Let me help you…”

She couldn’t keep it in anymore. Once the first tear rolled up from her eye, she lost it and started sobbing right in front of the unknown man, while he was collecting her coffee-stained documents. He was careful, she noticed, his movements were gentle as he packed her things back in the box.

When he stood up, he looked her straight in the eyes, and she saw how genuinely sorry he was. It wasn’t his fault.

“Will you let me buy you a coffee? You can tell me all that happened today. No strings attached.” He smiled.

She smiled too. It was her first smile for the whole week.

“Sure.” She responded.

She vividly remembered the day he quit his job after replacing her, in the same position she was working before him, in the worst possible job, in the worst possible office atmosphere. She also vividly remembered how happy they were when their website went viral overnight.

While she was waiting for the pregnancy test results to confirm what they hoped was true, she realized she was smiling.

Every day with him was making her feel like she snapped a piece of heaven and stole it from God. He was the best husband in the whole world. And she was for sure giving her all to be the best wife there is.

The test was positive.

She ran out of the bathroom to their living room where he was kneeling with a ring in his hands.

“Positive or not, I want you in my life. Will you marry me?”

On their golden anniversary, he opted out for a simpler gift.

When she unwrapped her gift, she didn’t want any jewelry. She didn’t want gold or silver, she wanted love. And she knew he will deliver.

The last piece of paper fell out of her hands and she held up a cup.

On the cup was written:

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

They smiled.

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