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About Creators Page Feature

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As promised, I’m posting this to explain what I wish to achieve with my Creators Page feature.

But first, let me explain why.

I am a published author and I have received a minimum of support from my publisher. I paid for my publishing, not knowing that getting a book out in my country actually means that you’re supposed to beg your family and friends to buy it or give it out for free.

So I was left on my own, to additionally pay for advertising of my book, which I eventually stopped because it felt like dropping money down the drain.

I got involved in a project that was aimed at paying authors 100% of their royalties, in hopes that not a single author would have to go through what I went through, but that failed as we lacked money for marketing.

This idea actually stemmed from my YouTube channel, but I soon realized that it’s way harder to “beat” YouTube’s bots than write blog posts and reach a decent spot on Google.

But was that channel supposed to be something! I wanted to host authors, do live book promotions, build community and do all sorts of writing stuff!

So I quit YT and then I came to the blogging idea. I love writing and I love helping with giving quality content (at least I hope it’s quality content), so why not?

Turned out, people in the blogosphere were way nicer than any I’ve seen so far (and I literally live on the Internet!) I’ve never seen this much support and appreciation between “competition” anywhere else. It seems to me that we truly want what’s best for everyone. I felt the need to give more than just blogging.

And then I thought – why not go a step further?

We all know the power of blogging in a niche. We all know that once you build trust, people will follow the links you post at the end of your articles, and they will check out the pages of your blog! So I made a “Creators Page” which was meant to be as a “list” of the people who helped the blog in any way – sharing on socials, guest posting and most importantly publishing a book would earn people a badge.

BUT then I thought that if I leave all the people who helped me, authors wouldn’t be noticed. And I wanted to be authors-oriented.

So I deleted other badges and left only two: creator badge and contributor badge.

Now we come to the most interesting part.

Right now, the Creators Page is imagined as the place where authors would get a free basic feature for exposure. All places are permanent unless an author decides otherwise.

But that’s not all! Once at least 15 authors take their spots, I will do a monthly raffle. These are the planned prizes, though I will probably shuffle them occasionally:

  1. One author will win a free shout-out on my blog at the end of one article with their name and book headline
  2. One author will win one free book promo on my socials – I will design a poster and share it
  3. One author will win a free backlink to their blog. If you don’t have a blog, we can agree on something else

I hope to do the raffle live on YouTube (if the feature is available for my channel). That way we can talk live and get to know each other better.

As places fill on the page, there will be options to boost your spot to the beginning of the page for a cheap monthly subscription if you feel the need to. I will not offer this at this point but know that it will definitely be less than $15, with discounts for holidays and 3, 6, 9 and 12 months purchases.

By paying the upgrade, authors will have the opt-in option to be featured in the email newsletters.

I am also thinking about offering the “author of the month” place, but so far nothing will be implemented.

Now to the way I plan to do marketing for featured authors:

– Aside from free raffle rewards, I will update all my articles with the link to the Creators Page.

– Creator Page will always be mentioned in the email newsletters, but those who pay for the upgraded feature will have a special mention once the option becomes available.

– Paid advertisements.

– Whatever idea comes to my mind is a bonus.

Emails collected from the author will be used strictly for features updates, raffle announcements/rewards notifications, and offering free content from my blog. You won’t be served any of those BS ads with banners and I won’t beg you to buy my affiliate stuff. It will be purely a notification newsletter.

A piece of transparency:

* I haven’t started collecting emails for newsletters yet. (I do have a decent email list that we used for the project marketing though *wink*)

* I am aware of the upgrade needed to my website and looking at every way to speed it up soon. I know that website speed is crucial for SEO but also for the fast loading of the Creators Page.

One last thing – maybe eventually we will move this to YouTube as I planned. Time will tell.


Here are the links:

Contact me personally: inspirationwise91@gmail.com

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