Articoolo Review – This AI Tool will Help You With Content Creation

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Before I jump to Articoolo review – do you guys remember the beautiful days when I used to write new blog posts every other day? Me neither. It was THAT long ago. I’ve landed a super awesome the best writing gig – well, not a gig, a JOB – at and ever since March I had to adjust my time to write for them (‘cause you know, I need to live and there are bills to pay) and Inspiration Wise somehow got left behind. 

By all means, I’m not quitting – I just started this baby. No. But I kept looking for solutions that can help me write high-quality articles for both me and my client. And today my search has ended. 

I was logging in to my account to see if there were any new earnings (btw, my first affiliate $100 check was mailed on the 20th, I’m so happy!!) and I figured I might as well check out the new programs to join. And there is was – Articoolo. They claimed their tool can mak a Unique article about any topic for less than $1. And if you’re like me – desperately needing some magical tool to help you write faster, this article is for you, because today I’ll cover the options that can boost your productivity and save time – for a very, VERY, low price. 

*This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclaimer here.

What is this Super Cheap Writing Aid?

This platform is basically an artificial intelligence writing tool.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. AI is right there to help you write your blog posts or even ebooks! Articoolo is great for SEO, blogging, and content marketing. Their technology is aimed at helping writers create textual content and the whole process is faster, cost-efficient, and much more pleasant.

Want to stop wasting time on research? Articoolo is your tool, ready to serve whenever you need it.

How does it Work?

Since artificial intelligence is based on behaving and “thinking” like a human mind, Articoolo acts the same. It thinks like a human when asked to write an article on a certain topic. For example, if you wish to cover a topic that’s related to Apple’s products, the AI system will know that you’re not looking to write about fruit. It finds the best resources in the database, gets related content, extracts sentiment and keywords, and create a piece of text. At the last step, Articoolo will rewrite the article and verify the readability of the text.

The best thing? It works in about a minute!

Are the Articles Unique?

Articoolo articles tend to be mostly unique because the content goes through rewriting and rephrasing. Of course, sometimes the 100% uniqueness can’t be achieved, but all systems have faults.

Is that All? Surprise – there’s more!

This tool doesn’t just write for you.

This AI system also helps you:

  • Write your essays
  • Rewrite articles that you already have
  • Create a unique starting paragraph for your article
  • Generate titles (although I’d rather recommend Advanced Marketing Institute for headlines)
  • Summarize articles (great for Google snippets!) and
  • Find images

I will cover each of these in my following blog posts, stay tuned!

What are the Downsides?

Since AI tools of today aren’t as developed as they can be, your articles may not be as presentable as you might need them to be. So chances are you’ll have to get in and do a little editing of your own to make it even better. But hey – you’ve got 500 words article on a concrete topic in 1 minute of your time. Even if you edit it for 10, it’s still a life-saver!

I said the same thing for Grammarly – it is The World’s Best Grammar Checker but sometimes you’ll need to think for yourself.

What’s the Pricing?

Get ready to be shocked!

Articoolo thought about its users. You can choose from these options:

Articoolo Plan 10 articles package – $19.00Articoolo 10 articles packageArticoolo Plan 50 articles package – $75.00Articoolo 50 articles package
Articoolo Plan 100 articles package – $99.00Articoolo 100 articles package
Articoolo 30 Articles, Monthly Subscription – $29.00Articoolo 30 Articles, Monthly SubscriptionArticoolo 100 Articles, Monthly Subscription – $49.00Articoolo 100 Articles, Monthly SubscriptionArticoolo 250 Articles, Monthly Subscription – $99.00Articoolo 250 Articles, Monthly Subscription

You can also claim one free month if you decide to subscribe to one of their monthly options.

In case you need a team or any type of custom subscription, reach out to their support via email

To test out how this AI tool works, you can sign up for free!

WordPress Plugin too? Are you kidding me?

Nope – these guys also have a WP plugin that you can use directly via your dashboard. How cool is that?


If you’re just like me, struggling with your blog content creation, then you need to check out Articoolo. At least test it out. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help you create a nice piece of written content in a minute or less. But writing isn’t the only feature you can find – there’s headline creation, image search, and more. I’ll make sure to test these out and share them with you in my next post. Until then, leave a comment if you’ve tried it and share it with others who might struggle with their blog posts!

Articoolo review

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