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Books That Kept me Up at Night

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As you probably already know, I’m doing my best to participate in the A-Z blogging challenge, which means that I’ll be posting one blog post per day, for the whole of April, following the Alphabet. This is my B post – books that kept me up at night.

I’ll be creating a masterpost soon, where I will link all the A-Z challenge posts.

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Diogenes Trilogy

Have you heard of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child? I’ve been following their works ever since elementary school, when I first discovered The Cabinet of Curiosities.

Preston and Child are masters of intellectual thrillers. They have a specific way of pulling a reader into their books, strong descriptions, and powerful characters. Their plot twists are rarely obvious, and even if you thought you knew what’s going on, Agent Pendergast will lead you towards a completely other revelation.

If you grab any of their books, be sure to have a dictionary nearby, as you’d often have to search for ‘translations’. What’s the best about their books is that any book can be read as a standalone.

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I sometimes pretend I don’t know who Pendergast is, only so that I can allow him to grasp my attention again. Special Agent Pendergast has got my heart with his fancy black suit and his profound and elegant behavior.

But there’s another character who also has my heart, and I must say I love both of them dearly, yet differently – his brother Diogenes.

Diogenes is the archenemy, the classical villain, smart, tall, with a wicked sense of humor and many methods to commit a murder. Still, the brothers are connected deeply by an Event that happened when they were children.

The Diogenes Trilogy – Brimstone, Dance of Death, and The Book of the Dead cover the brothers’ relationship, and that’s why they’ve kept me up. I will never forget the 4 AM moment when I finally discovered what the Event was and how it affected them. And I will also never forget the moment when Diogenes ended up falling into a volcano (hint – it’s the same book, The Book of the Dead. I cried for days!)

Their newest Pendergast series book ‘Crooked River’ is out.

The Bunker Diary

I discovered this gem accidentally. If I remember correctly, someone on Instagram recommended it. When I read the famous sentence “I thought he was blind, that’s how he got me.” I knew I had to have it.

And let me tell you, it was 246 pages of pure anxiousness. The basic story is that one guy kidnaps different people and places them somewhere, in a bunker. The reader never finds out where the poor people are.

But once the protagonist starts logging in his diary, the reader realizes that he too is captured with them. But luckily, the reader can close the book and leave it. If you like SAW, you’ll like this book.

Only there’s wayyy less blood in the Bunker Diary.

The Bunker Diary hits on the core values in the beginning – freedom, yet eventually takes away the core needs – food and water.

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American Gods

Not gonna lie, I watched the show first. But Mr. Wednesday was so interesting that I ended up getting the book too. And I didn’t regret. It was the first book by Neil Gaiman that I read and I can really recommend it if you’re looking to grow your writing style. Gaiman has a specific way of character building and even though American Gods is one of those books that you might look at and think “Will I be bored?”, you should totally take on this journey.

Dexter Series

Here’s to more TV shows that introduced me to some awesome books!

If you’re looking for some nice thrillers to relax with, you can go with the Dexter books. The style is simple yet good enough to keep your mind occupied. Bonus – if you loved Dexter in the show, you’ll love him in the books too. My favorite was Dexter in the Dark.


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