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Creativity Matters

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Today I want to talk about creativity and why it’s important for humanity.

Creativity is defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”.

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As writers, we strongly rely on creativity to invent new stories, create new worlds and characters. I bet all artists think the same. And even though it might look like humanity lacks some creativity, and that everything is already said, there are still individuals in all spheres of art who are willing to cross the boundaries and explore the new frontiers.

But creativity should not be observed only in relation to art.

Creativity is all around us.

Nature is creative on its own. If you’re a person of faith, you already know how creative God was and still is.

And not only people get to have creativity. Bees are creative, when you think about it. Crows, Orangutans. Elephants. Dolphins. It seems as if any level of sentience can bring out the creativity in a mind.

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And we are definitely not the only ones who can create. Yet, we hold the highest level of consciousness, so why don’t we create more? Are we lulled in, thinking it’s pointless?

We must keep our creativity alive in all aspects of life. Without it, there’d be no progress.

I strongly believe every person out there can become creative. You wanna learn to code? You’ll have to be creative. You wanna cook? Let that creativity out.

Still, some of us are trapped in daily obligations that can block our creativity. But we have to take small steps. Things can be created in 10 minutes too, only if we dare.


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