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DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN – a Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller – Book Promotion

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This science fiction thriller is “A post-apocalyptic story with clear echoes of The Handmaid’s Tale. The protagonist, Shea, grows from a hopeful skeptic to a revenge-driven, veritable badass.”

—The BookLife Prize

Science Fiction Thriller

DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN – a Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller

They believed Daeios would be a safe haven.

They were wrong.

Fleeing apocalyptic weather, survivalists Shea and her family seek safety deep underground in Daeios. Fear drives them to the shelter as the killer storm worsens. They reach the shelter just before permanent lockdown. Now they’re 140 feet down, protected from the storms to live out their shortened lives until the food runs out and they starve to death. It buys them about a year.

But it soon becomes clear that they’re trapped in a nightmarish existence.

When the Elders who run Daeios announce their plans to breed with all fertile females to repopulate the earth, Shea knows they will force her to breed. She plans to fight off her seed-bearer.

The punishments of the Daeiosians begin, including long periods of total darkness with the Daeios song blaring repetitively. Each time the darkness and music finally stop, several more people are missing. It’s especially clear that the Elders are getting rid of the other men. What happens to the people who disappear into the total darkness of Daeios?

Shea’s time for her breeding arrives. She must make the gut-wrenching decision whether to breed with an elderly, sadistic man and bear his child, or to fight the breeding, knowing that defiance will endanger her life and that of the other Daeiosians. She vows that her family must not vanish into the darkness.

A science fiction thriller with overtones of The Handmaid’s Tale, Shea’s chilling story will appeal to readers with an interest in family, survival, action, and revenge.

Contains mature situations and language.

Science Fiction Thriller

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