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Lucid Dreams and Writing – Profound Ways to Get Inspiration

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Ever had lucid dreams? I still remember my ‘magical forest’. It was a place I used to dream of often, it was a forest of tall trees and a lake, and that water was the only water I could dive in and still be able to breathe. I used to sit in that lake for hours, watching the fish and corals, touching the sun rays and enjoying the peace and serenity.

I’m lucky to remember it because it was one of those repetitive dreams.

But can you practice remembering dreams and using them for inspiration? There are ways.

Practicing Lucid Dreams

Start writing down your dreams.

This is a technique that might take some time to get used to, but it’s very effective.

Whenever a dream wakes you up, grab a phone or anything handy to write stuff down, and write the things you remember. Try to be as detailed as possible, ‘feel’ the dream again, relive it and try to recall colors or scents, faces and words. In time, you’ll find that this practice gets easier and it can further lead you to lucid dreaming.

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But What is lucid dreaming?

I’ve never had any lucid dream but judging by the instructions on how to get there, I’m pretty close as I can wake myself up by stating that I’m dreaming. So what are lucid dreams?

While lucid dreaming, you have full control over your dream. I believe it’s like playing a game (and playing games in real life can actually help with lucid dreams). You can select your character and you can lead it through the dream session. How do you get there?

People say that laying down and trying to be as peaceful as possible while falling asleep can get you to have a lucid dream. It’s one of those things that you need to practice. Personally, I have very vivid dreams, so I’m attempting to control my dreams in other ways- be performing reality checks.

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Writing and Lucid Dreams

Reality Checks

Looking at your hands is one. When you’re already in a dream, try to get yourself to look at your hands and count your fingers.

Search for the clock. Time is skewed in a dream, so looking out for a clock and stating the time might get you to a state where you’re aware that you’re dreaming.

So far I’ve only reached a phase where I can wake myself up if I dream something bad. Which is actually great, since I used to have nightmares.

Once you get full control of your dreams, you’ll be able to do anything and that can lead to some crazy writing ideas and inspiration.

Have you tried to achieve lucid dreams? Share in the comments.

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