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Fear of Success

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Today I want to talk about fear of success. I find it hard to recognize and I often question myself if I’m on the path of being scared of succeeding in what I had planned.

Not so long ago there was a person in my life who I believe had this type of fear rooted deeply into their subconscious mind. We were really close, like, talked-every-day type of close. I like to believe I’ve known them better than others did.

In time I started to notice a strange thing. For every important step in their life, they behaved like they wanted and waited for something wrong to happen to them. On the surface they’d be like “Oh, this is good, I hope for the best” but if I was to observe their actions and not listen to their words, they’d be rushing towards the opposite of good. That’s only one reason why fear of success is hard to deal with for everyone around the person that’s feeling it.

It wasn’t so that they could play the victim, though. At least I didn’t feel it. It was more leaned towards self-sabotage and a belief that we should ‘suffer’ before we receive a reward.

Many of you know that I follow Law of Attraction. And I used to also be that person, thinking I must pass hell so that I get a reward, and it took me years to change that program. So I could never understand why that person would do such a thing to themselves. Why push yourself into suffering?

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Then it dawned on me – it was the fear of success. And they weren’t even aware of it!

I felt sorry for that person. I tried to talk, change, push towards better outcomes. But the more I pushed, the worse they were. When I say worse, what I mean is they’d listen to me. They’d hear every word. Told me that I’m right. Wise. That I know what I’m doing. Told me that they’d listen to my advice.

But as soon as I’d hear “I pray for the best” sentence, I knew that that person will do everything opposite of what we have agreed on before.

Eventually, I had to step back and quit our friendship. But until today, I will never understand their mindset, no matter how much I try.

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Why would someone feel fear of success, isn’t that what we all want?

People who fear success fear the what after? There are many people who simply don’t know what they will do after they accomplish something.

So they get stuck and repeat the same mistake that ‘helps’ them to stay in place, they self-sabotage. It can happen to anyone. But still, the fear is there simply because one day their artificially made repetitive state has to end.

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Believe it or not, there are students who “intentionally” fail their exams in college only so that they don’t have to think about ‘growing up’ after they finally finish college.

First of all, fear of success is a bit irrational. There is no need to fear success because it will open a new door in your life and give you a boost, enabling you to walk with your head high.

Make long-term plans, for ‘after you succeed’ and short-term ones for ‘before you succeed’. Keep following them and enjoy everything you accomplish. And please, if you recognize yourself here, do whatever it takes to get out of that state. At least out of respect for yourself, if not for people around you who try to push you forward.

Fear of Success

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