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Good Ways to Stay Productive During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Welcome back to my blog! At first, I didn’t want to write anything related to the Coronavirus pandemic or anything similar, but with G letter for today’s challenge, I figured it might be good to talk about ways to stay productive during COVID-19 and this whole mess.

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I’ll take it that you’re not the essential worker since you have the time to read this. But if in any case, you are, I want to say a huge thank you for what you do.

So what are some ways to remain productive during COVID-19 pandemic?

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Resting is No. 1 Way to Stay Productive During COVID-19

No matter how much you think about this situation and feel the stress it brings, currently, rest is the best way to be productive. Why? Because:

1. You staying at home helps stopping the disease.

2. You need a reset and rest.

3. You finally have all the time in the world to do what you love with no rush.

And by saying this, I’m in no way denying the stress you might feel. But helping yourself with understanding why you feel it might bring relief.

None of us have ever been in this situation before. And while some of us have worked from home and love the silence, many people have worked in a loud surroundings for years. Those people have found themselves in silence now, which can make them feel unproductive. To those people, this is a huge change. So huge that they will miss their annoying work and noise that was around them. Today, those people maybe can’t stay productive during COVID-19.

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But now, our minds automatically react to protect us, by placing us in a constant state of anxietyEspecially because nobody knows when this will endAnd what anxiety is, is the fear about the future. But maybe if you observe your current situation day in and day out, you might realize that your future will probably be the same as today – staying at home and chilling.

Again, considering that you’re not forced to go to work and that you’re not sick. In case you caught the virus, rest must be your number one priority. In case you’re still working, taking proper rest can help you battle with the current situation.

Sleeping well is important.

And many of us wake up at night, haunted by intrusive thoughts. Try taking some over-the-counter medicine to help you fall asleep and remain sleeping. If that doesn’t work, I’m certain there are ways to reach out to your doctor and consult about some other options.

It’s important to do your best and avoid alcohol. It might seem as if you’re relaxed if you have a few drinks, but the metabolism of alcohol will only wake you up at night and affect your sleep. If you feel anxious and/or you love to drink, try to take on a challenge to stop.

Resting comes in many forms, and while sleeping is the best way to rest, here are many other options:

  • Playing an instrument
  • Cooking
  • Playing a game
  • Writing
  • Whatever you find relaxing

I’ve mentioned the challenge, and while we’re at it, here’s another way:

Stay Productive During COVID-19

Taking on a fitness challenge

But there’s a catch. You need someone to keep you accountable. It can be your online friend or someone else. If you live alone, post your challenge online and say you’ll do it. If you have some following, even better – you don’t want to lie to your followers, right? So you’ll do the challenge!

If you live with someone, then it will be even easier, as you can do it together.

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Making a list

Making a list is what I often do when I have a bunch of tasks at hand. What I love the most is drawing a line over a task once it’s done. You can put the smallest things on your task list – like fixing your Instagram account or folding the laundry. It might seem strange, but the feeling of satisfaction after completing the small tasks will push you towards bigger ones.

Organizing the workspace is also Another Way to stay Productive During COVID-19

If you’re working online during the pandemic, organizing and cleaning up your workspace is a must! Toss anything you don’t need and anything that takes your attention away from your work and place only essential things nearby. If you are used to working in a noisy environment, play something on YouTube. If you had the time to bring some items home from work, like a potted plant, place it close to you so that it mentally connects you to your working station.

Remember that we’re all in this together. These were some ways written to help you stay productive during COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay home. Wear a mask. Do your best to stop the spreading of the virus.

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