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How I Escaped the Claws of WIX Platform Part I

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Let me tell you a story about my WIX experience and why I decided to move away after a long six months.

The Beginning

It all began in September 2019 when I decided I wanted to start blogging. I knew I needed a place to post my articles and a beautiful website, but I also knew I suck at coding and I’ll admit that I was a bit in a hurry and lazy to involve myself in a WordPress learning curve. Oh boy, was I wrong!

Another thing that made me avoid WordPress like it’s a black plague-infected ship, was the fact that everyone, and I mean, everyone praised it insanely. And I’m not the one to follow the masses. So I explored other options, and I came over some newest WIX reviews. They said that WIX upgraded a bunch of features and that it’s fairly okay for blogging purposes. I actually checked out WIX Adi and Editor builder a few months before this, so I was a bit unsure about how I will make my website look the way I wanted it to. Adi has very limited options, and the Editor looked too complicated for me.

But I decided to overcome my fears and step into the world of WIX editor. I didn’t pay instantly, oh no. I’m the kind of stupid that pays later 😀 I kept my reasoning for that much. I already knew how my domain will be called, so I told myself that if I manage to build a pretty website, I’ll go for it completely.

I took a few days, got my first design up, and decided it was good enough. It might be time to note that my primary monetization option was supposed to be ads. Later on, will I learn that my niche (literature) will have a bit less audience and that I’ll have to work a bit more to get enough monthly visits for ad money to roll up.

The Decision

BUT I was ready. I bought the domain at GoDaddy – important to note for later when I cover the migration itself – and I paid for the most basic premium on WIX. It was all peaches and cream, until I realized that I have limited options for posting ads on the website. Google Adsense works as an app on WIX and while you do place HTML tag, the ads can’t be responsive and are limited to one size only. Okay, I thought, perfect for in-text ads.

First Issues

Then I figured – WIX DOESN’T HAVE OPTION TO PLACE ADS IN TEXT. I know, WIX stans, (if there are any) it does now. It didn’t when I started. I got slightly annoyed. Then the whole ads.txt file came into play, and WIX didn’t have the option to set it up.
Doubts started piling up in my mind, but hey, I figured I knew the back-end and it’s not that bad. I’ll just continue with building my community and posting content.

A couple of ad providers denied my application. A couple of influencer networks denied my application and to others I didn’t even apply, since they didn’t accept WIX. My Google Console didn’t show results. My Pinterest was slow. But hey, the community liked it! I’ve upgraded my design a little, added options for guest posting, a work with me page, and more. But one thing was still bugging me – my website was slow as hell. Plus, it didn’t correctly work on mobile devices. (I’m aware that’s on me, in part, but Google Console kept telling me that mobile rendering was poor, no matter what I changed).

I’ve devoted myself to speeding up my WIX website as much as I could, and nothing worked.


I can’t pinpoint the exact moment or the event that caused me to think about migrating to WordPress. It was around month 7 when I realized that Google keeps returning poor results. Plus, I was close to having to renew my plan, and I didn’t want to throw away another year on the WIX platform.

Then I started with learning how to migrate a blog away from the WIX website. And I found out that I can’t do 301 redirects from WIX to the outside website. And then I was definitely done with it.

WIX has held me in their claws, promising a beautiful outside, while the inside was filled with flaws and lacked a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it might be perfect for users who plan to pay for the most expensive plan and build something that’s not dependant on traffic (like, what?). it’s a great builder, easy to use, but it’s not worth the wait and stress around the smallest of things that should be simple to implement.

The Future

Self-hosted WordPress was my next stop, but I’ll have to stop here, and write another more detailed post about how I migrated from WIX, without the loss of links, domain authority or Alexa rank (My current rank fell, probably because the Coronavirus content ranks higher than my niche at the moment). And even though many say that you should use RSS feed – RSS feed on WIX doesn’t work (I’m not joking) but there’s another way, you don’t even have to think outside of the box for this one, I did it for you.

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    1. It was for me, but it all depends on the niche. Your website looks great, and Wix is a great builder but you’ll be limited in some monetization aspects. Of course, if you’re shooting for email lists, sponsorship and affiliates, I think you’ll be good. But the speed issue remains.

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