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How to Become Uplifted, Healed and Inspired Through Water

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Humankind is surrounded by water and it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be here without it. It is the basis on which our whole planet resides, if not the whole solar system.

Scientists have found water in the most surprising places in our Universe, and while we are still looking for a copy of our planet, water seems to emmerge as a part of worlds we wouldn’t even take into consideration. The chemical elements in water, hydrogen, and oxygen are some of the most abundant elements in the universe.

And we already know that we are made of the same space dust as all the things around us, and water is also a part of the equation called human.

Planet Earth has roughly 70% of the water in, on and around it and humans contain a similar percentage in their bodies – 60%.

Yet, we seem to keep ignoring its power.

Water in religions

It’s not strange that some of the earliest civilization resided near the rivers and harnessed the power of water. Water was needed for the very survival.

As humanity developed, its usage grew and expanded to religious rituals. It was used for bathing, washing, drinking, or as a sacrifice; for example, the largest religious ritual in the world – the Hindu Kumbh mela festival – is a water-related ritual.

Water has a strong meaning in the Bible, as the Genesis flood cleansed the world, Jesus has turned water into wine and walked on top of it to wake up the faith in his disciples, but those are not the only instances where water was strongly connected to the higher forces. Baptism on its own means purification and freedom from sins and holy water is present in many religions.

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Buddhist monks have high respect for nature and in the Zen culture, drinking tea is impossible without water as the entire ritual is centered around the focus on preparing the tea and meditation through movements and focus on water.

Some also believe that it was the crucial thing to the creation of our world. One could say that through the water we are one with everything.

Today we have discovered that the power of water resides in its memory.

As we are vibrational beings, and we are made of water, the water in our bodies remembers the events that we went through. But it’s not only the water inside you that “knows” what happened – it’s also all the water around us that had traveled its way and reached us and continued its path.

When you drink water, you drink its memory too. And it affects you. Maybe you don’t notice it, but paying attention to it and practicing a thank you ritual might make you feel better.

The Thank You Ritual

Our words are vibration, and they can affect the water that we drink. Dr. Masaru Emoto has concluded that speaking words into the water can affect its crystals.

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Positive and uplifting words, either said to the water or labeled on a bottle had such an effect that the frozen water created symmetrical and beautiful crystals.

Take a bottle or a glass of water and speak to it. It might make you feel strange at the beginning, but try it out. Thank the water for keeping you and all of us alive, for hydrating your body, for keeping you healthy, your skin younger and your hair and nails shiny.

Show gratitude for all the inspiration you can achieve once you refresh yourself with it.

Thank it for being there once you wake up, brush your teeth and take a shower.

Praise it for being the only thing that can help you feel clean and rinse a hard day off of your shoulders.

Focus your positive energy towards that glass or bottle and then drink it slowly afterward.

Solarized Water

This method is based on the vibration of color that can be embedded in water.

You make solarized water by finding glasses of a certain color, filling them with water and leaving it on the sun for a few hours, then drinking it. Even though its primarily used for healing, it can also be used for achieving peace of mind.

Purple glass can ease your mind and bring you peace, green eases stress, yellow is good for studying and alertness and pink for lack of energy.

I wrote about solar water in this article.

And last but not least:

Observe the water in its natural movement

Observing a body of water can put in perspective how tiny we really are, but also how connected to everything and everyone we are if only we paid attention.

If you can find a place and time to meditate near the water, that would benefit you even more. You’d regain peace of mind and you’ll be able to view things that happen to you on a daily basis from a changed perspective.

If you’re the type of person who prefers movement for mental clarity, do yoga instead of meditating. Or even run near a seaside.

In case you don’t live near a body of water, buy a fountain for your home or backyard. The mere sound of it will help you regain peace. If fountains are too much for you or you don’t have a place, get an aquarium. Fish are easy to keep as pets and their repetitive movements will soothe you while the bubbly sound of water filter will reminds you of the fountain.

What do you think about the power of water? Have you tried some of these methods, or any others successfully? If you did, make sure to share it in the comments below.


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