How to Use Law of Attraction for Writing Inspiration, Book Publishing and Revenue Boost

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Let me say from the get-go – this won’t be a short one. I want to speak about the Law of Attraction and how we can apply it to writing and book publishing. I bet you didn’t think that Law of Attraction can help you with writing, huh?

You’ve heard of it, the Internet is filled with success stories that involve the Law of Attraction. Many people turn to the Law of Attraction to try manifesting more money or love, or better work opportunities.

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Let’s utilize LOA for our writing purpose.

Believe it or not, this law isn’t called a law without a reason. It is out there and it works, it doesn’t matter if you follow it or not. I’m writing this to just sparkle up the idea of how you can try using the Law of Attraction for achieving your writing and book publishing goals.

It doesn’t hurt to try some of the LOA methods which can help you with:

  • Writers’ block
  • Publishing your book
  • Earning revenue

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Before I delve into the concrete methods of LOA, let me say a bit more about it. For those who haven’t gotten their heads around it, I will try to make it as simple as I can. Those who know how LOA works can skip to Writer’s Block headline, where I will speak about the methods to remove it.

What Law of Attraction is is synchronicity of energies – vibrations – with the thing that we want to become real.

It has a lot to do with quantum fields and science. For a deeper understanding, I suggest you read Joe’s books.

Photographic Memory Development Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD
Photographic Memory Development Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD
Photographic Memory Development Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD

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By a rule, the things we want are “best for us” in a way that it’s a better job, more money, a new car. You get the picture. It’s whatever would help us live better and feel better. Those better things are on a higher vibe. We can’t “get them” when we’re feeling low. So we use the methods to get our vibration on a higher level, and then we “meet” the things we want.

Visualize it as an elevator. If you’re angry, confused, can’t find love, you’re in the basement of a building. When you enter the elevator and start meditating (one of the methods of Law of Attraction), the elevator starts lifting you towards the floor where you get whatever you wanted while you were in the basement.

Of course, it’s a lot complicated than the elevator, but I want you to understand it with ease. When you leave the elevator you feel elevated (pun intended) and the things you needed are yours.

There are many important aspects regarding the Law of Attraction, but I want to mention only one now. Releasing the need. By practicing the methods (meditation, EFT tapping, visualization, etc.) you release the bad feeling that comes from the lack of what you wanted and realize one important truth – you can be happy with what you have.

That’s when your vibe gets elevated and you reach the things you desperately needed.

That’s why methods of Law of Attraction are important. They help you realize that you can be satisfied and grateful for many things.

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Now, how do you apply this to writing? Let’s start from the beginning

Writer’s Block

First of all, I need you to understand one thing. This is easy to deal with. You’ve placed unnecessary pressure on yourself, and now I will explain in detail how to use 2 methods of Law of Attraction to deal with writers’ block and I will just list the other methods at the end of this post.

Explaining more than 2 methods per issue might disperse your attention if you’re not familiar with LOA, and you can get lost in exploring all of them, instead of working on your problem.

Explore the other methods only if you see that you’re not getting results.

1. Method – visualization to deal with writer’s block

Visualization can be guided or you can enter this state on your own.

In guided visualization, you listen to words and visualize what they tell you. Sometimes it’s hard to follow guided visualizations because we might not like the voice or the accent of the person speaking, but many people find it easy because they lack the ideas to start their own. Also sometimes the guided visualization might not “fit” your purpose because they can be too specific (for example you stumbled upon a guided visualization about writing history but you write about something modern), but you can always find another one. Once you find the one that suits your needs, you will reap the benefits.

I’ve created a guided visualization. I did my best to make it general and short but still impactful.

When you guide yourself, it’s a completely different story. You “direct” your own movie. You can try visualizing your idea developing in your mind before you write it down or if you got stuck in the middle of your storytelling, try visualizing all that you’ve written from the beginning. Once you “meet” with your fictional characters, you might get multiple ideas about where you can take them.

Imagine you sitting with your protagonist and having a cup of coffee.

Be a therapist to your villain to see how he became what he is today.

Visualize yourself to be a narrator, and your idea or a book can be a TV show – something like Jane the Virgin.

You can do this!

If you wish to test out the effects of guided meditations, you may as well try subliminal messages. At Real Subliminal you can download a free subliminal mp3!

2. Method – EFT tapping to deal with writer’s block

EFT tapping serves to remove all old blocks or limiting beliefs that contradict your desire in your life, not just writing ones.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is based on acupressure. It’s one of the newer methods but it’s very effective. I love EFT because it’s a sort of self-re-connection through touch.

I have a feeling that people became too focused on the touch of others that they forgot how to connect with their bodies and wake up their potential.

This is a technique that helps you regain the feel of your body’s interaction with itself and your emotions and pull out the best from any negative situation by changing how you feel about it.

By using this method you will tap with your fingers on the certain spots of your body where your energy meridians are located. It’s very easy to apply and you can feel instant relief.

I know it will feel and look weird for the first few times you do it, so it’s best to find a quiet spot to practice EFT alone.

I remember laughing when I started tapping on myself but a few minutes in I was crying my eyes out and it instantly helped me release a lot of things!

Follow this link to learn how to practice EFT.

While doing it, focus on your writing blockages and release them.

Book Publishing

Law of Attraction methods can also help with publishing your book. It can be stressful to even think about others reading what you wrote, or if a publisher will accept your work, but why would you stop now? It doesn’t matter if you wish to publish traditional way or indie, check out these 2 methods of Law of Attraction that can help you with publishing your book.

1. Method – positive list

Writing something down enhances your said intentions. It is enough to say I will publish with ease, but when you write it down it’s a direct message to yourself that it will happen. Select a notebook where you will “boost” your publishing game with written positive sentences.

2. Method – play a game “I can but I won’t”

This game might seem like a weird paradox but trust me, it works. I heard it on YouTube and when applied, can be powerful.

This one can be used for looking out for traditional publishing agents and publishing houses.

You start listing through Google, and copy/paste all the fitting agents/publishers you found to your Excel sheet. Observe them with peace and wait. In the moment when you start having thoughts such as “Oh, this publisher is so good but they will never accept me” tell yourself this “I can publish with them, but I won’t.” And be really decisive and firm in your belief.

Move on through the list. When you start thinking “Oh, they might accept me, but they’re too weak to sell my book.” Think instead “Cool, I could publish there, but I won’t.” And be really decisive and firm in your belief!

Once you get your brain into a mood of “I can but I won’t”, you’ve successfully released all the expectations and needs. You are in “control” of your publishing destiny and you’ve risen your vibration with the feeling of the freedom that you can get published anywhere, but you will choose your best agent or publisher.

Now you can start emailing. What’s best for you will come.

Earning revenue from book sales

This implies two important aspects of book publishing – your book gets noticed and your readers love it. So if you also doubt in those two things, these methods of Law of Attraction can help you overcome them too.

1. Method – be grateful

This method can be practiced through writing you gratitude into any sort of journal, saying it out loud, separating a special time of the day to be grateful, writing another book as a sign of gratefulness, celebrating, or doing anything else that makes you feel happy.

By showing our gratefulness and feeling it, we raise our vibration and more of what we want comes into our lives. Don’t be surprised if your book starts selling even better after you start practicing being grateful.

2. Method – live “as if”

By living “as if” you release the negativity that surrounds the thing that didn’t happen. I can be a sort of play pretend, but it can also be turned towards “it’s coming in my life soon”. I’ve used both and they are equally good.

You can test it out by stating that something will happen in the following week. It should be something small but specific enough. Say that you will see a certain word or an object.

When I tested it, I stated that I will see the word MANIFESTO. You’ll agree that it’s not that common word. I was watching Lucifer and that same day I said I will see manifesto he said it in the episode! How weird is that?

I also said that “next week a woman will contact me to ask how to buy my book, but not necessarily buy it.” On a Saturday. And it happened on that Monday, via my Facebook page, she wanted a signed copy and told me she will order by the end of the month. She never did, but I didn’t care. My questions were answered and all tests passed.

You can also use a bit of a closer date – Tomorrow I will sell my book/sign my contract/find an agent.

The important thing to release here is the fear that it won’t happen and the fact that it didn’t happen if it doesn’t. Just keep chasing the idea that “it happened and I’m happy” or “it will happen soon” and it will happen!

Also, you should pay a bit more attention to what you wanted to hear – sometimes it comes as a whisper and you might miss it!

BONUS affirmations for writing and book publishing.
Stop Procrastinating Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD
Stop Procrastinating Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD
Stop Procrastinating Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD

These are fun because you can create them your own and make them personal and you can also listen to the ones on YouTube. You don’t have to be focused on the words and meanings, you can just let them run in the background and they can help release your blockages.

ANOTHER BONUS – moving our focus from something that we don’t like can help a lot!

We move our focus from a bad published for example, to writing a new book and investing all our strengths to make it presentable to a better publisher.

Remember this – everything in this life is a game and the more we play the better we feel.

  1. List of most common Law of Attraction methods:
  2. Being Grateful
  3. Focus Wheel.
  4. Dream Board
  5. Visualization
  6. Affirmations
  7. Meditation
  8. Brainwave Entertainment
  9. Positive List
  10. Goal Setting
  11. Emotional Freedom Techniques
  12. Intention Point
  13. “As If”
  14. Doing Random Acts Of Kindness
  15. Letting Go
  16. Making a Wish List
  17. Getting Rid Of Limiting Beliefs
  18. The Empty Bowl
  19. Manifesting Something

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