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I Love Blogging – Here’s Why

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Initially, this was supposed to be a blog report type of post, because I’m blogging for more than 6 months now. Instead, I decided to talk about why I love blogging and why I will continue with it.

Regarding a blog report, there’s nothing much to say. I use my blog as a portfolio anywhere and everywhere I can, and therefore I consider it to be a huge part of my job in general, not just a method of passive income. Passive income-wise – I haven’t moved much, I’m at about $6 on Google Adsense.

*This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclaimer here.

BUT the important thing is that I’ve got a great content writing job using my blog as the portfolio.

Then they told me I might not be fit for the job.

Then I had two more tests.

Then we finally found the type of articles that fit my style, but then Corona happened and now they don’t know if they’ll stay afloat. We really hope we’ll keep on working for the longest time possible.

I got my first sponsorship contact, but they still didn’t follow through. I’ll wait for more.

I also wrote a few articles for affiliates – Grammarly and Tailwind. Grammarly rewarded me with $25 and I’m waiting on Tailwind to let me know if I got their reward. ShareASale won’t let me cash out only the $25, so I’ll see what will happen with that.

UPDATE 7/23/20 – I’ve actually cashed out $100 from my affiliates on shareasale.com. Check was mailed, waiting for it to arrive. I’ll cover ShareASale in one of my posts soon, where I’ll explain the basics for affiliates and merchants.

Overall, I could say that I’ve earned about $250 in the past 30 days. I’ll go into more detail in some of my later posts where I’ll speak about traffic and calculate everything correctly.

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Other than that, blogging has been such fun!

I love the community

Every blogger should focus on building the community in their niche and presenting them with their blog. I find the #writingcommunity on Twitter to be AWESOME. There are also some cool accounts that will retweet a blog post if tagged:




A huge hug and thank you to those guys. (If I forgot to tag someone, let me know!)

All the support over there in Twitter is so meaningful, as we are in this trying times, it’s immeasurable.

SIDE NOTE – I gonna be making a list of all the followers, just in case Twitter effs with my account.

But that’s just the writing community. The blogging community is very kind also. We’re all supportive and do our best to help each other.

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I love writing

Where would I be without it? Recently I started love blogging just as much. Writing is my one true love. People often ask me what I write, so let me say that I write fiction and non-fiction, prefer novels (thrillers and drama) but sometimes I can write a nice poem too.

I also love a good challenge

And blogging is very challenging at times. Posting, sharing on social media, dealing with followers and building a blog at the same time can be tiresome. I think many of you don’t know that I’ve done it all myself. I’m my own webmaster. And let me tell you – it’s gonna be a hard time when I start migrating to WordPress (planned by the end of this year)!

The possibilities are endless

And I wrote about ALL the monetization methods for blogs. But it’s not only the monetization that should be the main goal – it’s the enjoyment in all the different ways you could network, for example. And you never know what can come out with a new friendship.

So there it is – short and sweet, all the reasons why I love blogging. What do you love about blogging? Is it like you expected it to be? What would you change, if there is anything? Let me know in the comments.

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