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Love thy Neighbor as Thyself

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Hi, welcome back to Inspiration Wise. Happy Easter if you celebrate it today!

I wish to talk about love now, as I have a feeling we lack some. Is it hard to love and why? Why don’t we show it and why we show it to the wrong people? How loved do we feel daily?

I took this commandment “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (22:37-39) for today because I believe it’s applicable.

Still, the world is hard to love today. It’s hard to plant love where the fear grows. And it’s understandable. I also look through the window to see if my neighbor is not respecting the lockdown, because I don’t want to fall ill.

But let’s look at the commandment. Love thy neighbor. Of course, it’s not said in a literal sense, but in a way that all of us are here together and all of us are one through love. Why do you think the world has stopped? Because there was so much hatred. It feels as if though we were conditioned to hate each other. And now we can finally sit still with our thoughts and question why.

I understand why many people can’t stand the quarantine. They’re used to all the fuss around them. But what about all the fuss inside of them? What about the raging sea that they’re not tending to? And what about the moment when that raging sea smashes the ships?


My former hairdresser mocked me for not going out that much. She couldn’t believe that I can sit at home. But I, also, couldn’t believe that she has to leave her house every day after work, sit someplace loud and have a drink for hours. Every day! She gave off the vibe of hating to stay at her place.

And let me tell you, I don’t consider myself an introvert, oh no. I love good parties, drinking with friends, concerts, a bunch of people around me. Yet I still find that sitting at home brings peace.

It might be hard to grasp, but loving the neighbor can’t come out of anything. First, we must love ourselves.

Sometimes, self-love is hard. We’re used to searching and focusing on our flaws. But let’s try if only for today, to do some introspection and find some good things about us. Find something positive about ourselves and write it down.

Then find something positive about someone else and write that down too. You might even think about letting the person know what you think.

Stay safe. I’ll be sending some love.

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