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Mindlessly Wandering

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I want to talk about our minds today. Plus, this challenge is killing me, I feel like I don’t have the time to properly think about the quality of my posts. This will probably be the only time I’ve done a blogging challenge of this scope.

Should’ve planned ahead. Still, here I am, day in-day out, thinking of random things to write.

Let’s take a look at our minds. Our minds are powerful tools. We can close our eyes and go beyond ourselves, visiting the knowledge of the past, feelings of the present and wishes for the future. But did you know that you can condition your mind to manifest real things? Remember the “what you think, you become”? quote? It’s true. Our brain can’t make a difference between what we think happened and what really happened.

Still, it’s made of about 3 pounds of mystery. It contains billions of neurons that make the gray matter and billions of axons and dendrites – the white matter. These are connected by trillions of synapses.

It basically controls your whole body, but it’s not the only brain humans have.

There’s also our heart brain and our gut-brain. And these three miracles create a perfect symphony. Combined with our body’s chemistry – our hormones – we make a homo sapiens.


And we use it to browse memes.

Why did I say this? Because we can snap out of this thinking that we’re the victims of our circumstances and we can, if we want, dramatically change our lives for the better.

I will always say this – if you suffer from depression, go talk to your doctor and get therapy. Therapy is the thing that will bring your hormonal balance back to where it’s should be and make you feel better.

If you’re not depressed, think about the fact that maybe you are just bored. Think about how you’d like to change your life. Make some plans. Even now, you can do at least the smallest of things to help you move in the right direction.

Because sometimes it’s the smallest of change that we actually need.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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