Negative Events Have a Purpose

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Hi, and welcome back! These few days have been weird for me, but now I finally have the time to post something of better quality. Today I want to talk about how negative events are in our lives for a reason, observed through something that is called a contrast in the Law of Attraction. Let’s begin.

Currently, we live in a world of duality and parallels. I say currently because we don’t know what will happen when we pass. As such dual world exists around us, we are somewhat bound to follow its rules and abide by the flow of time and events.

This means another thing – whatever we do, we can manifest two sides, and often both sides are present, yet we only focus on one. Let me give an example – when we get into college, we ‘pull’ two possibilities into our reality:

  1. we finish college
  2. or we don’t

We only select to focus on the tasks at hand, and automatically attract and manifest the better outcome (considering that’s what we wanted to achieve from the start). And if you thought about the principle of causation – you are correct. The final effect – graduation – is strongly connected to the cause, in this case, the college sign-up and the effort we took to finish it.

We think about this principle because we are in a 4-dimensional reality – space is 3D and time is the fourth dimension – and we move through it and with it. This enables us to observe the changes around us.

How do the manifestation and Law of Attraction fit in?

Because this is the 4D world, everything is a vibration.

Let’s stop for a second. Maybe it would help if I listed all the spiritual laws right now so that some things are clearer for later:

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1. The Law of Divine Oneness

2. Law of Vibration (mentioned below)

3. Law of Correspondence

4. Law of Attraction

5. Law of Inspired Action

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

7. The Law of Cause and Effect (mentioned above)

8. The Law of Compensation

9. Law of Relativity

10. Law of Polarity (what I write about today)

11. Law of Rhythm

12. Law of Gender

All of these are intertwined and serve a purpose together.

Now back to the vibration (the law of vibration) part. Our atoms vibrate. But did you know that there are bad and good vibrations? For example, the human body vibrates at a frequency of 62–72 MHz. Anything below that will awake illnesses. Anything above that will bring better health.

You can read more about the 432 Hz here It’s a very interesting read that makes you wonder about the music you listen to.

And the same goes for our thoughts. Our thoughts exist with us, in this reality, therefore we should use them to serve us. But what came first – the chicken or the egg?

I’m not lost in the text, I promise, I’m just trying to make it simple for those who might read about this stuff for the first time.

The answer is – it doesn’t matter. You can practice tuning your mind to higher vibrations, bringing yourself to feel elevated. What happens then?

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We reach the good thing that was waiting for us on a higher vibe.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what really happened and what you imagined. This means that you can imagine things that make you feel good and even better focus on something that you already have, and you’ll get more goodies!

So how did we end up here, feeling trapped in negative events

My theory and opinion are that we all needed a break. The whole world became rushed and people started feeling the burden of everyday life. And sometimes, when the energy of humanity joins together and gets sent out, we can’t know what might come back to us and how we will manifest our desires. And since many people don’t know or forget that they must be very specific in what they want, we got a blob of “I want the time to relax” without the added specific “but I want to remain safe” because who would’ve thought about details! But that’s where the devil is.

And now we’re stuck in the negativity. Here’s the catch – we will remain here until we become united. In which way? I don’t know. When? I have no idea. How? Don’t ask me. There are billions of other people who will have to ask themselves many questions before we manage to get unstuck. We’re in some sort of weltschmerz – world pain.

But all these negative events were a long time coming.

Remember how I said that there’s a duality in everything? Here’s the other side of all the progress we’ve made as humans. Why did we get it? So that we can become more specific in what we need and want.

The Law of Attraction is in a way a circle. Maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes you get what you wanted, but then you want another thing and it somehow takes time to get it, your life feels like a drag and things happen that apparently stop you from getting what you wanted?

And you’re confused. You got the first thing, but now you can’t get the other one? The secret is that for the other thing, you need to level up. And you level up by overcoming obstacles. Obstacles are the negatives – contrasts. You can’t grow unless you have something on your path that you need to overcome.

But once you do, lo and behold – you’ve got the other thing. Then you can move on to the third and so forth.

Another thing – while you’re in a negative situation, you clearly send out what you need. You learn to become more specific.

I keep being denied for the online work that I apply to. But I know that I’m too low right now to see the bigger picture. And I’m on a journey of learning. But one thing I do know – it’s a cycle and it will pass.

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