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Is This Why You Write Too??

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I have asked myself this question a lot of times and in many situations. When I finished my first draft. I wanted to publish it. Then I did publish it and did my best to decide on the book cover. When I saw that my publisher fails in selling and advertising my book, passing the burden to me. In the end, I received my first payment from my sold books which lasted me less than 5 days in my expenses – that’s how many books were sold.

I wondered if I will ever get any money in return because all the feedback I was getting was positive and I hoped that I can even earn some, but people simply didn’t seem interesting.

Then I reached deep. I grabbed the last pieces left of me and I pulled them up to the surface and I analyzed them. Because that’s what I do to defend my ego – I analyze the circumstances.

And that’s when I realized – I am a writer. I am an author. Because there’s not a time of the day that I don’t think about the time when I will continue writing my new book.

And everything can be an enhanced inspiration if I let it. The idea is always there. I just need to reach it.

There’s a bar above me, and if I succeed to grab onto it, it will take me to the new dimensions and teach me new things.

And there is no one beside me, above me or below me that can do what I can do. I differ. It doesn’t matter what I write about, my style is me. My printed words on the paper represent the tone of my voice, and my voice is strong and alive.

So is yours, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Your voice is your power.

You scream through the paper, and you bleed until there are no more pages. Your words are bridges between real and imaginary.

And you suffer with your tiny fictional people and you lead them, but they also lead you. It’s a strange correlation.

You are the person ready to ignore the things around you in order to write the perfect sentence, even though you know there is no “perfect” sentence. And you are capable of editing into the oblivion so that everything looks perfect even though you know it can’t be perfect.

You are also capable of diving deep into your emotions and suffer, cry, laugh, judge, do whatever it takes to build your characters strong.

You can make the irrational look rational.

“The truealchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”

– William H. Gass

Can you feel the magic?

You can create emotion using the letters. Letters only! That is your power. You are sent into this world to make it a better place, to make people feel a certain way while reading what you wrote. That’s why you are a writer. You have what it takes – a dedication to writing thousands of pages, patience to edit every sentence, you are fearless to let others read it even though it means that somehow they are reading a part of your soul too.

But above all, you have the love that you share through your art.

Now go and finish that page you started a while ago.

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