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Blogging Opportunities – Here’s What You’ll Love

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Today I want to talk about blogging opportunities. It’s somewhat a short list, but I’m still on the challenge, so here we go:

Blogging Opportunities and Ways to express

Even though I’m a writer, blogging is somehow different. Probably because it feels as if you’re directly communicating with your readers. I didn’t have this feeling when I was writing my first book and I never observed it as a way to communicate. I wrote because I loved creating the world. I blog because I have things to say.

New things to learn

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There are a lot of the things I already know from experience (and writing those posts is actually my favorite thing to do) but sometimes I need to do topic research, which ultimately leads me to a bunch of other blogs and pages where I learn many new things. And it’s interesting to know that when I plan to write about something not as familiar to me, I will learn other things, not directly connected to the topic.


I was hoping to build a community around my book, but where I’m at, it’s almost impossible without spending the equal amount of money I gave to print my books. Plus, our market is smaller and narrow, which stops me to reach my true audience. But with blogging, I have a feeling people have discovered me in ways other than writing. And I’ve also done the same.

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Earning possibilities

Having a blog is like having a small business (unless you blog for fun only). I actually have a whole page in my notebook about all the earning potential my blog can offer me. And even though I just started and earnings are not top-notch, there’ll be a chance to get there.

What did blogging opportunities did you grab once you started blogging? Let me know in the comments below.

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