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Pen Name and Author’s Brand

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Hey, welcome back. Let’s talk about pen name and author’s brand

Why would you use a pen name to help your author’s brand? Let’s list a few reasons:

· Separation from personal life

· URL for your name has been taken

· Protection

· Better marketing opportunities

· You need a name that fits the genre

· Writing in multiple genres without confusing fans

· Fun

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What are your branding opportunities with your pen name? You can use it to create a domain for your website, you can use initials in your logo and it will be used on your book covers to attract the attention of readers.

You should find a suitable name: it should fit your online persona, your voice, and your writing niche/genre, be easy to remember and associate with your persona, but also easy to spell.

Using a pen name generator can help. That’s how I made mine for my fiction written work – Tonie M. Rae. (I love that my name sounds androgynous and somewhat neutral because I write thrillers, psychological novels, and SCI-FI but it’s also easy to remember with my real first name initial.)

<img src="pen name and author's brand.jpg" alt="books">

Before deciding on your pen name, make sure you google it to see if there’s another author with the same name.

If the coast is clear, you’re in luck. Start using your author name everywhere on social media and while answering people’s comments.

HINT: Maybe you’d also like practicing signing autographs with that name. You never know how far you’ll get.

This was an excerpt from my manual How to Brand Yourself as an Author, available on Amazon, Payhip and here

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