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Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts

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You’ve started blogging and started building a community around your blog, your website theme is pretty and you’re doing your best to write as many blog posts per week as you can, yet people are still not clicking through.

And I’m not talking about the Google Search Console CTR (I’ll soon cover that too), I’m talking about you seeing people leaving from your blog post and your bounce rate is high and you have no comments or shares.

Read on and discover possible reasons why people are not reading your blog post, and how to change it.

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0. They didn’t find it!

Yes, I started with zero.

Promote your blog and don’t be afraid to show people what you got.

1. Your headlines are clickbaits

Honestly, if I see a headline that even remotely resembles a clickbait I will avoid reading the blog post behind it. Same goes for newspapers, I simply won’t open those headlines. I bet many others will have the same feeling – that you’re writing about something else and you need people and views just so that you can display ads to them or attempt to sell something irrelevant.

There are many headline analyzers or headline creation platforms out there that can help you determine if your headline is a good choice for a particular blog post.

2. Your image is weird

People are visual beings and sometimes if the picture doesn’t “fit” with your blog post, they won’t click through to read it, no matter how good it might be.

Take some time to think about what image should go with your blog post. Test out multiple photos, see what gives off the best feeling. Use some free tools to create images, like Canva. It will take some time to get the feel for designing fitting images, but you can do it! Everybody started at the beginning.

3. You write an online journal

Honestly, I doubt many people who don’t know you will read about how you spent your day or what you had for lunch. Blogging is a great way to share and connect, but we do have an obligation to provide quality content to our audience. So ask yourself – how many people will care about what I have to say today?

If you really wish to continue sharing your personal life online, mix it up a little. Expand the topics that you write about, maybe lean towards travel or food a little bit more, but give people something they want.

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4. You have pop-ups, including a subscription box over the whole blog content

Your content can be the best in the whole wide world, but people will probably close it if they see pop-ups and subscription boxes screaming at them. While many bloggers advise starting your mailing list instantly, maybe you should think about getting established first, gain some trust through quality content and great blog posts, and then offer subscriptions for a freebie.

If not, try to make the pop-ups smaller, so that they don’t cover the content of your blog.

5. Bad grammar

We’re all humans and we all make mistakes. But mistakes can be corrected. I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts out there and some of them are written so poorly that I literally couldn’t understand what the writer wanted to say.

There are plenty of tools to help you with bad grammar, such as Grammarly. They not only help you with grammar issues but their premium options include advanced writing feedback. I covered Grammarly more in-depth in this article.

6. Writing in your native language

While this is not an issue per se, writing only in one language limits your audience. Unless that’s what you intended and you’re looking to rank for your language on Google, try mixing up a little bit. Being bilingual is great, and with a little effort and practice, I’m sure you’ll feel liberated to write in as many languages as you know.

7. Slow website or blog post page

User’s experience is an important element, and people who visit your blog most often won’t wait for the pages to load, especially while they’re on the phone.

Optimize your pages for phones and do your best to get your website up to speed.

8. Personal reasons

Some people read what you had to say in your blog post once, didn’t like it and simply won’t come back. Unfortunately, you’ll have to accept this as a universal truth. Some people won’t like your tone and others won’t find enough value in your posts.

There’s nothing you can do but write more, promote yourself and in time the right people will come and stay.

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9. Your blog post is too condensed and appears long

Even though SEO experts advise bloggers to make their blog posts long, that doesn’t mean that you should write blocks of text and overkill the keywords.

Remember – when your paragraph is long, divide it into sections. This way it looks easier for the eye and people will probably stay and finish it.

BONUS: Always make sure you check if your Google zoom-in feature is set on 100%. If you zoomed in and typed your blog post in a zoomed-in page, your letters are actually smaller for your reader and that can deter them from reading. Once you’re done writing, return the settings to 100% and check to see if your font size should be adjusted.

Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts

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