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Reasons Why People Leave Blogging

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Have you started blogging but thought about leaving it? I know, every blogger did at some point. But did you have a valid reason to quit? Today I’ll talk about some random reasons people decided to quit blogging, some valid ones, and what you can do if you decide to come back to the blogging world.

Random Reasons

Some of us don’t do well with criticism, other people’s opinions, and hate comments. Once you start blogging, these things will happen. But are they really a reason for you to leave? There will always be people who hate online. You have 3 options – ignore, argue, and delete comments. Not stop blogging because of them.

It appears to me that people start blogging with this idea of earning a quick buck. And that’s a mistake number one. I always say – treat blogging as a business. You’ve opened a store yesterday. Will your customers barge in and buy off your shelves today? Hardly. Blogging takes time and it takes hard work. Ups and downs are normal, just like in any other aspect of life – family, friendships, health. Yet people are brainwashed with all the “I’ve earned $50.000 per month with my blog” posts.

Ask yourself – how old is their blog? What is their niche? How do they reach out and connect? How’s their community? Could they be lying? Take everything into consideration before you present yourself with any expectations. It’s completely normal that a blogger who’s turned towards B2B e-commerce niches earns that much. Because they are selling to a business.

So you find yourself a few months in, no 50k in your bank account, stopping. Disappointment is reasonable, your expectations weren’t.

Legit Reasons

A completely legit reason for leaving blogging would be if you felt like you wasted a lot of time and have a better idea that you believe will bring you earnings.

Another valid reason is burnout. People sometimes rush into something without thinking about it completely. You’ll need to handle your social media, write almost daily, share your links, and promote yourself. And you might think that you must do all of that at the same time. You find yourself overwhelmed, with barely any community on your platforms because you pushed yourself, but you’ve gained no exposure.

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Lack of a plan and market research is one more valid reason why people leave blogging. Yes, it’s nice to have a place of your own where you are free to speak your mind, but does the market really need it? Can you offer something valuable? Can you help your audience? Blogging can bring money, which means that there needs to be a balance of need and offer. If there aren’t any, you can maybe consider running two blogs (if you think you can manage it) and let one be your vent and the other aimed at monetization.

Sometimes you’ll lack the time. And blogging suffers if you’re not active. Your ranks might drop, people might stop following you and you’ll lose continuity. Still, this is a completely normal reason why someone might stop blogging.

Content. Thinking about the right content, creating the content, and optimizing it can be challenging.

You didn’t earn enough to keep your website running. I’ve known people who were so disappointed because this has happened to them. And I must admit that I’d probably think about leaving too if my domain didn’t pay me off by now. This reason is probably one of the most legit ones out there. I compare it to failing an exam. You’ve studied for the entire year, attended classes, and eventually, you fail. So you sit there and you feel like you’ve lost all the time in the world, and you’re probably not doing it ever again.


My advice – separate the money for all the expenses in the first three months when you start. This relieves you the pressure of having to earn, helps you to relax and focus on content and community, When the time comes, you’ll be ready to continue without stress.

No matter what the reason was – you left blogging. It’s been some time and you’ve decided you want to come back. If you can remember, think about why you left it in the first place.

Also, have one thing in mind – it probably doesn’t pay off to correct your mistakes with the same domain. Research what’s the best niche that you’ll feel comfortable writing about. And google all the reasons why people have left their blogs so that you can make a list of potential mistakes.

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