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Roll a Dice for a Writing Prompt – Game

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This is something different than the regular writing prompts I write. The rules are simple – find two dice, roll them for every picture and you will get a base line for a short or long writing prompt. LET’s PLAY.

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Get a Genre/Theme

From left to right, the genres are: comedy, modern, mystery, crime, time travel, futuristic, folktale, horror, war, contemporary, legend, macabre, magical fiction, love, SF, humor, meta fiction, children-kids, LGBT, religion, adventure, historical fiction, realistic fiction, mythology, tall tale, family, western, nature, magical realism, unknown, apocalyptic, motivation, adventure, ancient, noir, nonsense.

Get Character(s) – you can roll as much as you like

Get a Character Trait – roll depending on the number of characters you got in the last roll

Get a Scene


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