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Tales of Norse Mythology by Helen A. Guerber – Book Review

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I bought Tales of Norse Mythology from Book Depository about two years ago and I finally found the time to review it. I got interested in Norse mythology after watching American Gods and then reading his book. Neil Gaiman is the king, I can say that much. So I wanted to know where he got his inspiration from.

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Upon receiving Tales of Norse Mythology I expected to see a book that’s bigger than what I got. Still the size of the format in which this book was printed doesn’t diminish its worth.

Tales of Norse Mythology is a Barns & Noble Collectible edition

On the first look, you can tell that Tales of Norse Mythology will enrich your library. Done in leather, with contrasting motifs of darker and lighter gold, it will surely stand out from all the other books that you own. On the front, Odin is presented among the elements that fit the topic of the book. If you inspect it closely, you can see the presentation of his wolves and something that appears to be snakes surrounding his face.

The Cover

On the back cover you can see, in the center, a Viking helmet, a sword, what appears to be a Viking drinking horn and an ax.

Beautiful, intricate details show that this book is worth your money. This Barns & Noble Collectible edition is simply gorgeous.

Inside, the book is written in English with translated poems and illustrations from various artists, printed in black and white. Maybe that is the only flaw that can be assigned to Tales of Norse Mythology – illustrations are black and white, thus disabling the readers to observe them in their full power.

Tales of Norse Mythology is printed on a quality paper. The whole book gives off a feeling of “hard to damage” but it’s not rough to the touch.

The Content

Myths are lined in order, so there is no confusion while reading it. Translated poems are done properly, considering the language barriers.

Without giving away any spoilers, the stories and myths are various – sad, fun, interesting, mysterious.

If you decide to buy this book, you won’t regret it. You can see how Tales of Norse Mythology looks like in my YouTube video. Be prepared for a lot of “beautiful” adjective.

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Tales of Norse Mythology

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