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The A B C of Writing

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Welcome back to Inspiration Wise, this will be some sort of association game for me. I wanted to see what the letters in the Alphabet mean to me writing-wise. Let’s begin!

A – Antagonist. The opposite of the protagonist, the character that should act as a counterweight to lead the storyline.

B – Block, as in writer’s block. We’ve all faced it at least once.

C – Characters. Our stories wouldn’t be possible without them.

D – Dialogue.

E – Effort. It sometimes takes a lot of effort to finish our plot or develop our fictional characters.

F – Fear. Fear of starting on a blank page, fear of finishing, fear of not being good enough.

G – Genre.

H – Hiatus. Writing hiatus can beat us and make us stop. So we must fight it.

I – Inspiration! The piece of the puzzle that can’t be missed or misplaced.

J – Journey. Writing a book or a short story is a journey of its own.

K – Keyboard. Poems are the only thing I write by hand. A keyboard is a must-have tool of the trade.

L – Love.

M – Motivation. This can be harder to find sometimes.

N –

O – Opening sentence/chapter. These are the most important as they should captivate the reader but at the same time say enough info.

P – Place. Our characters must come from somewhere and act somewhere.

Q – Quest. Oftentimes our fictional characters go on a quest aside from the main plot, or the quest is/becomes the main plot.

R – Reader. As we write for ourselves, we write for them too and must have them in our minds.

S – Scene. The opening scene sets the feeling of the story completely.

T – Twist. The king of a storyline. Have them in a decent amount and your story will never be boring.

U – U-turn. When the story changes, the reader is bound to continue enjoying it.

V – Vows. I’m not sure why this word came to mind, other than I make a vow to myself that I will finish what I started.

W – Workshops.

X – Xavier, Xingu, Xian. I love these names, these are such strange and beautiful names and I’m still waiting for a special character of mine to have a similar one. Strange names like these can enhance your storyline and put the reader’s focus on the character.

Y – As for almost the last letter in the alphabet, it’s hard for me to remember the specific word that begins on Y, but I will say that it reminds me of the ending, which is equally important as the beginning. With the strong ending, we affect our reader and he will remember our book for longer.

Z – Zone. As in writing zone.

How did I do? If you want to play, comment the words below.


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