The Conflict of Loyalty to the Streets or the Badge – Eating the Forbidden Fruit - Book Promotion ⋆ Inspiration Wise

The Conflict of Loyalty to the Streets or the Badge – Eating the Forbidden Fruit – Book Promotion

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Any of us can become a victim of a system we believe in. It doesn’t matter where we live, how we were raised and what profession we chose as our role, we can always become alienated from our peers and by our peers because of something we might have done.

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While reading Eating the Forbidden Fruit, you will witness a rise and fall of a St. Louis police officer. It’s no secret that police officers should hold their loyalty to each other to the highest standard, but what happens when that loyalty gets broken?

Written as a method to seek redemption, Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a fictional novel loosely based on true events from Roland’s life. You can follow Roland’s journey; see how he explains what that took him over the edge and find out what his family, that means the world to him, did to help him find his way back.

“I never consider being a Police Officer as a stressful job. I was honored to serve my people. The “us against them” philosophy never once entered my mind. I walked through what some perceive as a harsh area and met so many good people. People who support Black Pearl to this day. Loyal people. So when the Feds wanted me to serve up my fam. It was out the question. They used a family member to infiltrate my trust. I accept what I did and took that shit on the chin.”

– Roland Sato Page

“No relationship or family is perfect but a true man fights for what he believes in.”

– Roland Sato Page

As it often happens, writing a piece of this complexity didn’t come out of the blue. The author recently lost his mother to cancer, which only pushed him further to finish his book, and even though he didn’t always like writing, he found it therapeutic for his depression caused by Lupus. But what’s the most important is that with this book, Roland leaves a legacy to his family, something that they can remember him by.

Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a mix of drama, urban crime, humor, and romance. As genres overlap, it is safe to say that a wide variety of audiences will find Roland’s book enjoyable.


This book is something you don’t want to miss. It’s a memoir about life’s trials and the power of a single human who fights his karma. And Roland hopes that everyone will reap the benefits of reading his book.

Eating the Forbidden Fruit will be available in early 2020.

Make sure you follow the link to the author’s page and keep an eye out when the book launches!

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