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The Only Thing You Must Know if You Wish to be a Blogger

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In all honesty, I rushed into blogging after a failed project. Ha, I bet that’s not how you thought I was gonna start this one!

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I was in that project for a bit more than a year, but the CEO and I simply were on such opposite sides that I had to leave. I thought I was gonna be broken since we really had a great relationship while working on it and I thought it will take months for me to recuperate and move on to something better.

Turns out, it took three days.

My cousin read a blog soon after I left the project and she came to me and said: “You should do blogging.” Sent me the article and I decided why not. I already “lost” a year in earnings, I could wait for a bit longer.

Which brings me to my headline. The only thing you must know if you wish to be a blogger is that you must be patient.

I’ve been in it for three months, and my blog already had ups and downs. I started blogging in September so I went through Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas and new year. Since my blog is not in the food niche, I’m surprised I had this much traffic even!

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Your blog data will fluctuate

It could take weeks for your pins to gain traction on Pinterest.

You won’t instantly get a dozen people in your Facebook group or page. Unless you pay or have followers and friends to support you – which I don’t.

If you’re like me, and you’re starting your blog from scratch, know that it will take time to find good Facebook and Pinterest groups to post in.

It will take time to write and edit your blog posts.

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It will take time to upgrade your SEO knowledge and apply it in a way that works great for your blog.

Google Analytics won’t show it all in the first few days. Google Console won’t index your page within hours after you write meta descriptions.

Traffic to your blog will be slow, but if you work on it, it will grow steadily.


The best thing you will witness is the support of other bloggers.

There will always be someone to help you deal with whatever you have on your plate.

And once you realize that, you will realize the point of blogging – help. We are here to help people in our niche (and others) find answers. We are here to make the internet a better place.

And if you’re really devoted to sharing and caring, it will return tenfold.

You just have to be patient enough to see it.


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