Top 5 Personal Traits That Bloggers Should Have

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Welcome back, glad to see you here!

Today I want to talk about some personal traits that bloggers should have. Why is this important? If you wish to join the blogging community, you’ll notice that a certain number of bloggers does something or behaves in a way that other part doesn’t. you’ll notice a lot of giving up, a lot of complaints, but if you look really carefully, I’m sure you’ll also notice those who are silently winning the space over by providing quality content and networking with others.

But what are the top five personality traits of a blogger?


I find this personal trait to be the most important. Simply put – you need to be willing to go through many obstacles, solve many issues with your blog and still stick with it if you’re willing to be among the most successful bloggers.

Have in mind that different bloggers will define success differently. so you need to define what success means for you. Is it a certain number of posts? A $1000 of revenue monthly? Followers? Even if all of this and more is your definition of success, you need to be capable of enduring different sorts of things. Some people can’t deal with bad comments. Some can’t wait for their monies to start rolling in. Some think they’re bad at writing, so they avoid posting often. We are all different.

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But one thing’s for sure – by not being persistent in the blogging world, you will lose more than you’ll gain.


I’ve recently got an email notification from Google Console that I have to fix Server error (5xx). I had no idea what it was, yet I was right on it, figuring it out, reading, googling and looking out how to solve this issue.

Now, this might be my personal thing but I don’t like to let the issues wait. If I leave them, they’ll only pile up, get buried and become forgotten. I love solving my issues instantly.

If you’re not resilient, you’re risking forgetting about some important things that need to be done, and that can cost you down the road.

Think of it like this – if your blog was a child and it came to you saying that it’s hungry, do you feed it right away or tomorrow?


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My favorite! Yes, I know, you might say that you need to treat a blog as a business and there’s no place for passion. Or you might belong to the other flock of bloggers who claim that your blog should only be about your passion. I’m up for balance. If you can find something that you can think about, write about and treat it as a business, while developing a stronger passion for it day in and day out, I’d say you’ve hit the jackpot.

There’s no life without passion. but there’s no successful business with too much of it.

Writing background

Need I say more?

No, you don’t need to have a bunch of novels behind you so that you can say I have a writing background. Still, some experience in writing is desirable, simply because it will take you less time to correct your mistakes. You’ll find it easier to include keywords in your text. If we’re talking about sentence structure, with writing background your sentence creation will go smoother and the overall text will have a better flow.

Hint – if you look at my older blog posts, you’ll notice a huge difference. And that happened only in 6 months! One day, when I get more free time, I promise I will update. Until then, let me serve as a prime example of writing progress in blogging.

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Will to learn

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Blogging is not just sitting down and writing, blogging is learning so many other things, especially if you’re just starting! Only think of SEO and what it stands for:

· Meta descriptions of pages

· SEO plug-ins

· Alt text for images

· Keywords and long-tail keywords

· Table of contents for blog posts

· Interlinking

· Outer linking

· Length of blog posts

· Website speed

· Mobile optimization

· Header tags

· URL optimization

· Snippets

· Unique content

· Original images

· Guest posting

· Sharing via social media

· Infographics

· Submitting backlinks

Let’s not even talk about website coding if you plan to take that route.

Without the will to learn you won’t have a basis on which your blog will be built. And again, it will probably take a lot more time to fix some mistakes later, once you publish your website.


Blogging is not hard, once you put your mind to it and realize the scope of work that you’ll be doing. Have you found yourself in any of these personal traits of bloggers? Which one do you think is the most important? Feel free to comment, even if I didn’t list it in this article.

We’re here to learn from each other.

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