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Untitled Actions

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I’ve decided to call this Untitled Actions, since there’s no words in which I could describe what I’m seeing around me. People are behaving as if nothing is wrong, and even though I understand that’s a coping mechanism, I can’t escape the feeling that we’re all dependent on those. I didn’t go downtown in 3 weeks, and today, for the first time, I’ve felt endangered when I walked the streets and saw people kissing hello, hugging, chatting close together.

My deep belief is that stupidity has been harbored among people, like it’s some kind of virtue. We are constantly served content for dummies, and we subconsciously behave as such. But during the pandemic, I see that people who don’t understand basic instructions will jeopardize people who are slightly more capable of using their brain.


Still, there’s some good in every evil, as I’m now definitely questioning my decisions whether or not I should think about moving to US. I see the way every country is treating their people now, and maybe, just maybe, it’s not as bad here.

We were never promised much, but in the times of need, we were given at least something – understanding. Our president is not the best one out there, but which one is?

Maybe there’s a reason I’m born where I am, even though I believe that I will never fit in and that my nationality isn’t who I am.
Until I see more, my actions will remain untitled.

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