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Why I Started Writing

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How I started

It’s never as they say, “It’s your goal. It’s what you feel in your heart, in your soul, it’s what your eyes flicker about.” My fingertips rushed towards a completely different fate. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to become a police officer.

Funny, huh? And I did everything in order to become one. Fast forward high school and the Academy, the diploma finally landed in my arms. Then I embraced it and said “I’m sorry, I have fooled myself. This is not worth dying for.” So I started freelancing all over the web.

Fast forward again,one day I woke up – I remember clearly, it was such a regular day – and 6 PM came and something happened. I sat down at my desk, played Enigma’s Return to Innocence and I had it.

Then I had my first ever idea for a book.

My First Idea

I mapped it out – it’s a novel about one of the first tribes on Earth, and their God, love and death, resurrection and karma. They had houses built of sand by the lake and lack of any knowledge of anything. And I started writing the same day.

Around the chapter where my tribe discovered fire, my mother asked me “But, what will you do with it?” I answered “I have no idea what will happen, but I know I will finish it.”

I have never felt the same after I put the last word down. I have cried with them I have suffered, and, most importantly, I have loved.

The oldest published in my country took it on the first go.

Let’s go back to to the writing itself. When my hands ended up shaking for the first time because of what I wrote and when I could’t breathe at the end of the chapter, I realized I have so much to give to my readers and I had to continue with my purpose. (I guess I can call it a purpose now, after all this time.)

But even better, now I know I have the strength to share it with the world.

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