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With Blogging Comes the Power and Responsibility

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My blog is my garden, and I only want the prettiest flowers to grow here.

– Inspiration Wise

I would love to ask you to step out of the narrow image that is the blogging money chase and for just a moment step into some statistics. There are roughly 600 million blogs out there, out of 1.7 billion websites. 77.8 million blog posts are published each month on WordPress (2018 data). One more thing – each year the Internet sees 2 billion blog posts published.

To round it up, blogs make about 35% of Internet websites. (Am I wrong, I’m bad at math?)

And yet, it seems to me that we’ve forgotten the bigger picture.

I keep noticing that people are in some sort of rat race. Everyone wants to become a blogger, thinking that blogging will provide a trip to the Bahamas in 2 weeks, or that it doesn’t take a lot of work.

I see people publishing copied content.

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I feel that many have mistaken their personal journal with blogging. And by all means, I mean no offense as every blog should and probably has its readers.

But we’ve forgotten what it’s all about.

We make a huge part of the content on the Internet.

Think about what power that puts in our hands.

Imagine, for example, if only 10% of active bloggers agreed to post on a certain topic – make it be climate change. Can you imagine the pressure that would put on to the people who are somewhat responsible for not taking any action? (I don’t mean the guilt-tripping of people like you and me, I mean the ones above with any type of control)

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Recently I’ve read the opinion that every blogger only copies the others and that blogging is useless and we are all gonna fail. And in a way, that is true. With the belief that everything is already said, now it’s all about how we will repeat it.

But let me ask this – if we don’t focus on the things that already exist, how can we improve and develop anything better and new?

If everything has been said in the past, and we simply leave it be, nothing new would’ve come to life on the path of content creation. The same goes for any type of art.

So what is quality content anyway? It’s our responsibility.

Can a content that is factual be a quality one, but only if it’s grammatically correct?

What about engagement? Does more engagement always mean you’ve made a good post?

It’s fine to quote and reference a fact, it’s even better to link to the source, but what about the new info that we as bloggers can provide to our followers.

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By providing the content that is both truthful and grammatically correct, but also engaging and provides new info to our readers, we spark the idea in our followers’ minds. If your post can make a person think, even for just a moment, I’d say you’ve done a good job.

You’ve contributed to that person’s growth.


That’s another thing.

I thought about followers and why we strive to have as many of them as possible. As a marketer, my first thought was – to sell XYZ.

BUT, if we only look at our followers as a tool to earn, how are we contributing to their betterment? If we only depend on them to “pay us”, we will only serve them what we think they need. We will be too focused on ourselves to be able to put ourselves in their shoes for real and notice the nuances in how they react to us. Again, I notice this is not always the case, but it is often.

They are called followers for a reason, as they are people who follow you in hopes to get their problems solved or maybe seek a kindred spirit.

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I urge you to look at yourselves but really look. Realize the power that you can have as a blogger and use it, use it for something more than to just serve ads for Google. We are responsible to post the best content possible. It’s in our hands to spark the imagination of people who spend most of their life on the Internet. It’s on us to grow and help others grow.

I know many will get me wrong. I’m not saying that we should all stop with selling our courses and earn from blogging. We are equally deserving just like other people.

The point is to not get lost in the money chase.

I’m really curious to know if this post will motivate any of you to leave a comment. I’d love to get some insights and possibly a good discussion out of this. Maybe I’ve just read some wrong blogs so far, and I have yet to discover something new.



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