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Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch – Book Promotion

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Hey, guys! Remember when I said that I’ll be promoting books for free for 15 days. Well, here’s the first promo – Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch

If you’re looking to self-publish a book and want to reach a wide audience while on a tight budget, then this guide is for you.

How you prepare for your book promotion will shape the entire performance of your book afterward and whether it makes sales or rank on charts or not.

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And the preparation starts way before your actual book launch date; especially if this is your first book and you don’t have a huge fanbase/following to instantly support you and your book on launch day.

In Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch, you will:

  • learn how to reach a wide range of audience for free;
  • understand the different and most effective strategies for book promotion; 
  • know the exact steps needed to build an interested audience from scratch; 
  • learn how, where, and when you should market your book for maximum results.

Author Bio:

Ray is an engineer-turned-blogger who has an undying passion for writing & research.

With a dream to reach financial freedom and pursue writing full time, she created and dedicated her time to studying and writing about the different methods one can use their skills and knowledge to create passive income sources.

On those rare hours of day when she is not working on this goal, she’s writing fiction, watching a film, or feeding birds.



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