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Zeitgeist – the last post in A to Z blogging challenge

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Yaaaay! This is the last post in the A to Z blogging challenge!

And probably the hardest letter for me to think about.

Definition of zeitgeist

zeitgeist is the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era

So where do you think we stand? In the past, many believed that in the 2000s we will have flying cars and that people will wear futuristic clothes. They also believed that we’ll be somewhat smarter – hence the flying cars – and maybe a more elevated society.

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Instead, our zeitgeist is not what was expected. We are constantly served things that change the way culture and morale is seen. No, of course we won’t play Mozart on the streets every day, and that we will use our slang in literature, but isn’t it strange how our culture is based on the past events? If someone doesn’t know who Mozart is, he’s instantly marked as “uneducated”.

But what if that person can help us conquer the universe?

Our zeitgeist might not be the best compared to the past, but it is all we have built today and it stems from our generational changes.

Are we forced to accept it? In a way we are. A person would be considered strange if they avoided the mobile phones and the Internet.

A to Z Blogging Challenge

Should we change it? Zeitgeist will probably evolve on its own.

On a certain level, every one of us is a part of a global zeitgeist. Every family has a micro-culture, and ever human has contributed to the global state of mind. So let’s ask ourselves – what is our contribution?

This was my last post for A to Z blogging challenge. Hope you liked it!

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