4 Methods of Reality Shifting to Help You Shift Now

4 Methods of Reality Shifting to Help You Shift Now

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Last Updated on July 7, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

During 2020 we faced numerous tribulations. Naturally, we wanted to escape the pandemic and everything that goes with it. While some soaked their sadness and fears in alcohol, others dedicated each living moment to their loved ones. We suffered, cried, and learned to feel grateful.

However, the question remains – were we able to shift reality? Did we, and do we still, have the power to erase what happened and wake up living new lives?

Reality shifting is not just a TikTok trend. It goes beyond social media hashtags and births the idea of a change we can achieve. It means that we can jump into whichever reality we want, either by using Grabovoi codes or some other method.

Today, we’ll talk about what reality shifting is and does it really exist.

What is Reality Shifting?

We’ve all heard the theory about the multiverse. Quantum physics explains the idea of the multiverse in a way that all possibilities and realities will happen or have already happened in some other reality.

According to the definition, a multiverse is a collection of observable universes where each universe comprises events and things that are observably available to observers. Meaning that if we could possibly observe many multiverses at once, we’d see different versions of ourselves.

But can you jump from one quantum universe to another?

Reality shifting is also called quantum jumping. You might’ve heard it before, yet 2021 popularized reality shifting as the new life-changing thing anyone can do.

Is Reality Shifting Real?

We know, and it’s confirmed by the CIA, that affirmations, therefore Law of Attraction, works. However, there’s a lot to learn about one’s mind, brain functions, physics, meditation, and other aspects of reality shifting. The document in question is here if you feel like going deep into it.

According to this, the reality shifting is real. Then why didn’t anyone prevent or stopped the Coronavirus outbreak? For the sake of the length of this article, we won’t go deep into these discussions, but consider the following scenarios:

  1. As a collective, we approached the collective unconscious and created a world where the pandemic started. As such, we created it in every realm, therefore it’s impossible for us to jump to reality without Covid-19.
  2. The pandemic arrived on its own, took over the multiverse as if sent by the force outside of it, and again we are stuck and in each reality, we will suffer through the pandemic.
  3. The pandemic is merely a contrast to show us how we want or need the change to happen, which is the basic role of the contrast. It’s here to teach us how to jump.
  4. We don’t want to shift now that we’re here since on some level we feel like this is what we must go through to rise above the lives we knew before.
  5. Each of us can make the quantum jump, but only on a small scale. The bigger events like wars or diseases remain as a constant between multiverses.
  6. Reality shifting actually does not work and the pandemic happened because of some other cause.
  7. Insert idea here.

There are probably many more scenarios to think about when it comes to the pandemic and reality shifting. We saw people who traveled without fear and consequences. Then, we saw people who went outside once and got in contact with the virus.

Have some people manage to build a world within ours where they became so convinced that the pandemic isn’t real that they literally lived that reality?

It seems that in this world, anything is possible.  

Is Reality Shifting Possible?

Since the idea of the multiverse also describes the multiverse as a bathtub filled with bubbles, where each bubble is a separate universe, it could be possible to jump from one bubble to another without disturbing its walls. If we take the CIA document as the absolute truth and question nothing, then each of us can jump at any moment.

To be more precise, we’re probably jumping whether we like/want it or not.

How come we don’t meet another “us” when we jump?

Today, we know that atoms behave differently when observed.

Based on the latest research in the field of quantum mechanics, the more someone observes an atom, the bigger the influence the observer and the observation have on the atom’s behavior.

Therefore it could be possible that we simply can’t see ourselves exist in another reality once we enter it. At the moment we start observing another reality that just a moment ago contained the other us, the atoms of that new reality change and accept us as the new observer.

But what happens to the old observer?

Since the old observer continued observing the same reality as us, the reality kept on changing for them as well.

Still, this is just a theory, like many others. We have yet to prove that there could exist two similar physical realities where a pair of us could simultaneously exist and see or not see each other.

But if we consider these theories, reality shifting could definitely be possible.

There are many things left to learn about reality shifting. The CIA document discusses the idea of equally activating both brain hemispheres to achieve the ability to alter reality, besides other methods. Based on this information, our new reality could be a part of another multiverse that we’re just seeing a glimpse of. Or, it could be that we’re capable of completely shifting reality and entering a whole new setting.

How to Shift Realities Instantly?

If you wish to learn how to shift reality fast, you can check out the reality shifting methods below. Test the ones you’re most comfortable with.

1. Reality Shifting in 60 Seconds

You can do this in any position – lying, sitting, or standing. Before you start, take five minutes to meditate. You can use guided meditation or any other. After you’re done with meditation, keep your eyes closed and visualize your desired reality.

Then, focus on your emotions and if you can’t focus on your emotions, focus on your five senses. Once you’re ready, say that you shifted and feel the words in your body.

2. Reality Shifting With Door Frame

Door frames are believed to be a special form of portal that can help you shift reality. Select the most appropriate affirmations or mantras, and speak the words while you’re tracing the finger over the door frame with closed doors. Welcome your new reality, open the door and step into your new reality.

3. Reality Shifting Code

Grabovoi code for reality shifting is 608841228. Use this number as you would usually use Grabovoi codes for other manifestations.

4. Reality Shifting With Subliminals

Subliminal messages are another powerful tool to use if you want to shift your current reality. You can make a playlist of affirmations. You don’t necessarily need a script to shift with subliminal messages.

These messages work in a way that they change the state of your mind and help you manifest a new reality faster. If you’re interested in subliminal messages, check out Jonathan Parker’s guided meditations, visualizations, and Subliminals to save 20% on all mp3 products!.

Final Word

Reality shifting goes beyond just thinking you’ll just find yourself in another reality, with differently colored hair and a better job.

It revolves around discovering the hidden forces of your mind and learning more about quantum physics and mechanics in order to succeed in quantum jumping.

Some forms of reality shifting are definitely possible by using the methods mentioned above. These methods are here to help us realize our potential, open up our vibrational fields, and ascend to an improved version of ourselves, and therefore our lives.

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