Semrush Review: 2020 Updates, Features, and New Pricing

Semrush Review: 2020 Updates, Features, and New Pricing

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Last Updated on April 2, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

About Semrush

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If you own any kind of website you use for business purposes, you undoubtedly dabbled in SEO. Maybe you’re not an expert and you hired others to optimize your content. 

That’s completely fine. You don’t have to know it all to be successful. 

However, if you’ve done some research about legit SEO tools you can use to boost your rankings and increase visitors, chances are you stumbled upon Semrush. 

If you stopped to wonder what the platform is about but had trouble finding out, we’re here to explain it in detail. 

In our Semrush review, we’ll tell you more about its features and how you can use it to grow your online visibility across multiple channels. Semrush has everything you need to beat your competitors and it’s all in one place. 

What’s more – Semrush just had an update. Read on to learn more. 

What Makes Semrush Different?

For starters, Semrush was founded 13 years ago

Back in 2008, a small group of SEO and IT experts joined hands and decided to create a platform that will give everyone a chance for a fair and transparent online competition. 

Its tools have grown and developed together with the development of SEO. Today, Semrush is a leading platform that marketers all over the globe use for research and online marketing. More than seven million marketing experts are using this SaaS platform to achieve the goals of their clients. 

Stats and Numbers

Before diving into our Semrush review, let’s take a brief look at some Semrush stats

So far, the total number of keywords in its Magic tool goes beyond 20 billion. Traffic analytics tool analyzes one billion events each day. If that’s not enough to convince you to take a better look, know that 17.3 billion URLs are crawled daily, and your website can be one of them.

Key Points

  • Website audit
  • Content Marketplace
  • Social Media Tools
  • Local SEO
  • Yoast integration
  • Traffic analytics 
  • Tools to boost Amazon presence

Best For 

Bloggers, e-commerce owners, digital marketers, SEO experts, and agencies in relevant fields.

New Pricing Plans

Semrush has recently updated its pricing plans, and the tiers are as follows:

  • Pro: $119.95/mo
  • Guru: $229.95/mo
  • Business: $449.95/mo

Semrush free trial is available for Pro and Guru packages. If you subscribe to the annual service, you’ll save 16%.

Semrush Pros and Cons

Every platform has some pros and cons. This is what diligent online marketers said about Semrush: 


  • SEMrush’s API can be used to build additional tools
  • Reliable keyword search  
  • Competitor benchmarking 
  • Local position tracking


  • Needs more dynamic downloadable graphs 
  • The backlink tool sometimes doesn’t capture all the links

Semrush Features and Latest Updates

As we already mentioned, Semrush had an update. Aside from the new logo and color palette, Semrush worked on updating its tools. Keep on reading this Semrush review to find out all about the latest changes that occurred in 2020.

New Visual Identity

Semrush’s rebranding is yet another detail to showcase how much it takes care of its online presence. The new logo captures the company’s essence:

semrush review

The fireball symbolizes the spark that ignites the engine of marketing. It’s the spark you need to ignite to light up the fireworks of your online presence.

Its vibrant color palette reflects the energetic and passionate approach to what Semrush does – provides you with extensive SEO and SEM tools to increase your online visibility. 

Today, Semrush is even more energetic, bold, and friendly.

Revamped SEO Tools

Semrush worked on various updates when it comes to its SEO tools: 

  • Keyword overview and gaps, 
  • Domain overview,
  • Backlink analytics and audit,
  • Position tracking,
  • Website audit, and finally 
  • Local SEO.

Keyword Overview and Gaps

Semrush keyword research section on the left side of the window contains all the keyword features you need to successfully find the keywords to rank for. 

With the latest update, you can run the analysis of your keywords, observe global monthly volumes per keyword, view keyword variations, related keywords, trends, and more. 

Bulk analyses let you work with up to 100 keywords at once

There’s also a SERP breakdown for the keywords and competition, with SERP features and Questions. What we liked about this (and other parts of the platform) is the possibility to instantly get information about the meaning of each separate part in your search. The little i letter can be found next to every section and it briefly explains what the section means. 

Aside from the upgraded Keyword Overview, you can also use:

  • Keyword Magic tool,
  • Keyword Manager,
  • Position tracking, 
  • Organic Traffic Insights.

To locate the Keyword gap feature, head over to the Competitive Search section menu. Enter the competitors, select the types of keywords, and get ready to work with results. What’s great about this feature is that it will analyze all subfolders and URLs. 

Keyword Gap tool is closely tied with Keyword Manager. 

Keyword Manager is available to paid users only. You can use it to store your keywords, get new metrics, and export data into XLSX or CSV files. 

Domain Overview

The Worldwide View was the most wanted upgrade on the platform. With it, you can observe how your website behaves on a global level. In case you don’t want to evaluate the complete website, Semrush rolled out the subdomain and subfolder analysis.

Another great feature is even better with the Compare domains option. It is available to paying users. 

This section can be found under the Competitive Research menu. You can use it to observe traffic analytics, organic research, and backlink gap tools.

Backlink Analytics and Audit

Under the Link Building dashboard, you’ll find the backlinks analytic and audit. You can use these two tools to monitor and compare your backlinks to your competitors’.

With it, you can also work on a ‘broken link’ type of backlinking method, where you check the competitor’s website for broken pages and backlinks and ask the referral’s site owner to replace the link with one of yours. 

semrush review

Backlink audit does what some other backlinking tools don’t – it gives you a great insight into any poor links that give bad signals to Google. This exact feature has now become even more accurate. 

You can also take a look at the best-performing pages of your website with the newest Target Pages report. There, you’ll find all broken, new, or lost backlinks. 

What’s more, you can connect Semrush with your Google Analytics to conduct a more in-depth analysis 

Position Tracking

With position tracking, you can always check your SERP for selected keywords. It works for Google and Baidu for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. You can enter your keywords and competitors manually if you need to. 

semrush review
semrush review

The new metric – Share of Voice (SoV) will take into account the volume of your selected keywords to show the share of the market you occupy, and the Cannibalization report can help you identify self-competition and improve content strategy. 

Note that these features are available for Guru and Business users. 

Website Audit

There are never enough tools to use to check the status of the website. With its latest updates, Semrush offers you a Markups Report. In its essence, it’s a visualization tool to help you observe markup implementation errors. 

Local SEO

If you run a local business, there’s nothing more important than beating the local competition. 

Found under On Page & SEO Checker, Listing Management helps you increase the visibility of your business. After you submit your listing, it will automatically be distributed to over 80 US and more than 40 directories in other countries. 


In the latest 2020 update, Semrush added more countries on the list and more directories on various locations. 

Other updates of this tool include: 

  • Local ranking reports – tracks rankings in Google Local Finder
  • Review management – lets you respond to customer reviews on Google My Business
  • Local ranking heatmap – tracks your business’ Google Maps positions for a specified location

Enhanced Competitive Research Tools

With Traffic Analytics, you’ll be in the know about how users move through your pages. With Market Insights you’ll be able to check out industry trends and see what your competitors are doing. 

Traffic Analytics 

This feature can almost replace Google Analytics. Traffic Analytics provides you with reports and breakdowns of the website’s top traffic channels, acquisition, and user metrics. Semrush traffic estimation algorithm is upgraded, and now you can read various subdomain-level analyses. 

You can also compare audiences for multiple websites, and select the partners for marketing activities based on the new Audience Insight Report. 

The Traffic Journey report will tell a story about how the visitors behave once they land on your website. It will show you traffic flow and help you focus on the most important parts of your platform. 

Market Explorer 

Growth Quadrant represents yet another latest update in this section of the Semrush platform. It shows the top industry competitors, divided on:

  • Niche players, 
  • Game changers, 
  • Leaders, and 
  • Established players. 

You can also create a Custom Market, include up to 20 domains to track them, benchmark the desired domain against others, compare traffic numbers, sources, and explore the results with the new Benchmarking Report. 

Expanded Content Marketing Toolkit

Our Semrush review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the king of marketing – content. Blogs, videos, images, podcasts, and other web content are selling products. Luckily, Semrush thought about how to give you an all-in-one content marketing toolkit, and it succeeded in that intention.



ImpactHero is an AI tool that analyses your content based on the buyer’s journey stages, finds the most effective copies, and offers improvement advice. This is a unique content analytics tool on the market, designed for, and with, content marketers to solve their issues and enhance the workflow. 

With ImpactHero, you will: 

  • Create the content that converts 
  • Develop your content strategy 
  • Help your team focus on essentials 
  • Be an efficient content marketer 

Content Marketplace

The search for content creators ends with Semrush Content Marketplace. It’s an all-in-one platform where you can order product descriptions, email newsletters, PRs, eBooks, and website copies. 

semrush review

The Content Marketplace has monthly and annual subscription plans. If you sign up for a Premium plan, you can expect a 20% discount for all orders, Media Stock access for images and videos, and Shared Workspaces, where you can invite up to three colleagues to collaborate with. 

At one click of a button, you’ll receive high-quality content, written by Native English Speakers, that will be SEO optimized to fit your specific needs. 

Cool Social Media Tools 

Your attention won’t be scattered around Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn anymore. With the newest Social Media Tools, you can observe the growth of these three social networks in one place. 

Internal Analytics and Social Media Ad Management 

The new Social Media Analytics tool will show new followers, reach, and engagement on Facebook and Instagram accounts, and your top posts. The Social Media Ad Management tool will help you create and launch ads on Facebook and Facebook-owned platforms. Everything is done from the Semrush platform, so you don’t have to mingle around and set up ads separately. 

Other Updates

Semrush didn’t stop here. The company worked hard to make other updates to the platform. 

Agency Growth Kit 

If you’re a digital marketing agency, this Growth Kit is developed for you. The Agency Partners Platform gives you new lead generation opportunities and a place where brands can meet agencies and work together. 

You’ll also have access to advanced reports and utilize various report customization options. With Unlimited Client Manager, you and your agency will automate the customer management routine and keep all necessary info in one place. 


If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll love checking this one out. Sellerly is a smart toolkit that helps you get the most out of every listed product and increase your customer base. 

  • Traffic insights help you analyze traffic channels. 
  • Listing Quality Check helps you improve a listing performance. 
  • Listing protection will instantly send an SMS or an email notification if there’s any change to the listing, traffic loss, keyword positions, and buy boxes. 

Prowly + Semrush 

Semrush works hard on expanding, and that’s why it acquired Prowly. Prowly is a Saas public relations startup giving access to 1 million journalists and influencers.

It has online newsrooms, CRM functionality, email campaigns, and excellent PR analyses. If you’re a Semrush user in need of Prowly features, you can now login with your Semrush credentials. 

Semrush Integrations

The most recent Semrush integration is Zapier. You can use it for extended website audits and build custom workflows. Apart from Zapier, Semrush can be integrated with

  • Yoast SEO, (another latest integration available)
  • Crunchbase, 
  • DashThis,
  • Google (Analytics, Search Console, Gmail, Docs, and more),
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube),
  • WordPress,
  • Trello,
  • Majestic, etc. 


If you’re registering to use Semrush for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of research you can do and the data you’ll receive. Based on other Semrush reviews we read, first-time users find it hard to manage around the interface. 

If you take your time to mingle around after your Semrush login, you’ll notice that the essentials are on the left side of the window. Clicking the dashboards will open a drop-down menu with more options to choose from. 

semrush review

In general, some users claim that there’s a huge learning curve when you first start using the platform. Take your time to explore it and you will reap the benefits.  

Semrush Customer Support

Upon visiting SEMrush, you’ll see the option to chat in the lower right corner. You can also use the search bar to look for solutions to your problem or scroll further to check out the most helpful articles. 

If you’re really stuck, you can always message customer support. According to other Semrush reviews we saw online, users are satisfied with it. What’s good is that the Semrush platform also has a knowledge base, where you’ll find a bunch of articles that cover various topics about the platform. 

You can proceed to contact customer support from the knowledge base page as well. There’s also a phone number below +1 (800) 815 9959 where you can reach out. Of course, this number is for US customers, but you can easily select your country from the drop-down menu. 

When it comes to possible issues, the main problem mentioned in the negative Semrush review was with canceling free trials. To remove all doubts, head over to the Cancellation Policy, Refund policy, and Terms of Service

Semrush Pricing

As we already mentioned in our Semrush review, Semrush has upgraded its pricing plans. 

The Semrush trial is available for seven days, after that you’ll be billed based on the tier you’ve selected. 

  • Pro: $119.95/mo, (with annual subscription – $99.95/mo)

Pro plan is the best for freelancers, startups, marketers, and bloggers, with a limited budget. 

  • Guru: $229.95/mo, (with annual subscription – $191.62/mo)

Guru tier is great for growing marketing agencies. 

  • Business: $449.95/mo, (with annual subscription – $374.95/mo)

Business version is excellent for already established businesses with a huge internet presence. 

In this Semrush review, we mentioned free trial. You can test out Semrush for free only if you subscribe to the Pro or Guru package. If you subscribe to the annual service, you’ll save 16%.

Semrush is also ready to hear about your business needs and it offers custom solutions. 

All Semrush plans include 40+ advanced tools you can use to increase your marketing game.  

You can downgrade or upgrade your plans per need. There are no hidden fees. Your free trial and money-back guarantee will last for seven days. If you want to quit using its services, send an email at or use the contact form to reach out within the first seven days of subscribing. 

All major credit cards are accepted as payment methods, as well as Wire Transfer upon request, and Check or Money order (for US customers only).  

Semrush review – Final Thoughts

We’ll finish this Semrush review on a positive note. The platform has everything you need to increase your online presence, track your competition, and boost SEO. With the latest Semrush updates like Content Marketplace, you’ll enjoy a one-stop-shop for written content. 

The newly designed Social Media Tools will assist you in keeping together some of your social media channels and run ads with ease. The latest Traffic Analytics is as good as the Google one. Backlink analytics and audit will give insights into how you can beat your competition. 

In our Semrush review, we concluded that Semrush has everything you need to establish a successful online presence. Even though no tool is 100% ideal, and Semrush may not always provide accurate data on your backlinks, the overall quality of its tools is immeasurable. It’s no wonder that Semrush is a leader in the field of SEO, SEM, and digital marketing. 


Is Semrush good?

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools that will provide you with essential data to successfully run your online projects. It’s a good solution to increase your Google ranking and give you a competitive advantage. 

Is Moz or Semerush better?

If you’ve read our Semrush review, you know that in some aspects, Semrush is the best platform out there. When it comes to MOZ, there are some differences, and it all depends on your needs and preferences. For example, the Semrush website audit tool is way better than the one you’ll get on MOZ. 

Semrush has better visualization tools. If you need a large number of daily reports, Semrush is your go-to.  On the other hand, MOZ will provide you with Google, Bing, and Yahoo ranking data. Its free trial is longer than SEMrush’s and it might be a bit easier to work in. 

What is Semrush used for?

The Semrush platform is used for all kinds of website audits, SEO analysis, keyword research, backlinks, content marketing, competitive research, PPC, and more. If you read our Semrush review, you know that it’s a comprehensive tool that assists marketers in improving website ranking. 

Which is better, Ahrefs vs SEMrush?

According to our Semrush review, Semrush is better for site auditing than Ahrefs. Its domain database is also larger, and you don’t have to leave the Semrush platform to create backlink building campaigns.

When it comes to SEMrushrush vs Ahrefs, Ahrefs performs keyword research for multiple search engines, not just Google. It’s also a bit easier to use than SEMrush. Aherfs is cheaper if you need to add a multi-user account.  

How much does Semrush cost?

You can get SEMrus for as low as $99.95/mo if you opt-in for an annual subscription. As we said in our Semrush review, Semrush has recently updated its pricing plans, and the tiers are as follows: 

  • Pro: $119.95/mo
  • Guru: $229.95/mo
  • Business: $449.95/mo

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