How to Properly Plan a Marketing Campaign for Your Book

You've found yourself holding your (first) book in the massive market of self-publishing platforms and you don't know where to start with getting the word out? This manual will show you how all the tips and tricks and how to plan a marketing campaign for your book, be it a printed edition or an eBook.

How to Brand Yourself as an Author on Social Media

Treating self-publishing as a business also means that you need to give time for your brand to become established. By writing your books, you’re only setting foundations for the future, and by publishing them on the online platforms, you’re starting to build walls for your office. With applied branding methods from this manual and How to Properly Plan a Marketing Campaign for Your Book manual, you’ll be progressing towards visibility, but the main catch is to make people believe they should own your book. It will take time, maybe even years before you see anything drastically change. And people do give up. But please, think of it like this – for every author that gave up, you stood up fighting. No matter what happens, don’t give up, but work on your strategies and learn.

How to Motivate Yourself to do Anything

You need to meet your friend, Lady Motivation, take her out and have a drink with her, get to know her and take her home. Eventually, you will do awesome things. We all will. Everything that needs to be done, will be done, so why not do it the best way we can? Just think of all awesome consequences a good motivation will bring you, think about how your life will change. You will finally be able to look at yourself in the mirror and see a person looking back with a fierce look in your eyes. A look of a person motivated enough to conquer the world. And always remember - you have what it takes to stand up and fight.

Silence Poetry Anthology

Written back in 2008, while the author was in high school, today these poems are translated. SOUL SANATORIUM 15.07.2008 We walk around heartless. Carrying baskets filled with sin on our shoulders. Pretending to love one another. While in fact we vary. We wear the same clothes. Have our own temples. Building priest’s bust made out of lies, letting it put the harness on our eyes. Blindly believe in ourselves and others. Though some still give onto despair. We take the real life for granted. Perhaps we let go to sinful addictions. Every newborn is grabbing their own poppy While separated worlds are falling. Cancer is eating our celestial being. Wish it a welcome into the soul sanatorium. 26 pages PDF file
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