Fascinating Soul Contract Facts To Know in 2021

Fascinating Soul Contract Facts To Know in 2021

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If you got interested in the Law of Attraction and started learning about it, chances are you stumbled upon several things that are hard to understand, such as reality shifting, manifestations, or soul contracts.

If you are wondering what a soul contract is, keep reading because today we’ll get deep into it.

What is a soul contract?

Understanding soul contracts means understanding the relationships you’ve built with the people around you. Based on the latest data, you’ll meet about 80,000 people in your life, on average. Naturally, this number can be higher or lower for people in certain professions.

Some will just be passing by and won’t bring any drastic changes or have an influence on you. Others might. These people who play a key role in your life are there for a reason. They might have an important mission to finish that’s related to you or they should deal with their karma.

Sometimes you might understand why you’re surrounded by certain people. They might be your teachers or relatives, and you know what they’re supposed to do with you or for you. But sometimes you might meet a person that lingers and you both might be confused about your relationship.

You may feel as if you’re meant to be with this person and that vibration can stay alive until some of you fulfills a purpose. These might be your soul contracts.

Soul contracts are made before you’re born. They’re made in the higher realm, among two or more souls, to help you learn a lesson once you’re down here.

These people that you’ve made a contract with unavoidably come into your life and they’ll teach you what you must know before your following reincarnation.

Keep in mind that this contract doesn’t have to be drastically important. It all depends on what your soul wanted to experience while living here.

What is a karmic soul contract?

Karmic soul contract helps clean up your karma. It’s also unavoidable, and the more you struggle to ignore it, the worse your life might become. If by any chance, you fail in fulfilling this contract, you’ll likely reincarnate again and face the same painful lessons.

Regular contracts might be positive or negative, playful, and fun. Karmic ones are there to help both sides correct their mistakes.

Who do we make soul contracts with?

soul contracts

In essence, you’ve made contracts with anyone who plays an important part in your life. In general, you made a contract with:

  • Family members
  • Lovers
  • Friends
  • Anyone else who can teach us something important

Do we create soul contracts with our pets?

In case you were wondering – we do make some sort of contract with our pets. Seven types, to be exact:

  • Physical agreements
  • Emotional agreements
  • Projection agreements
  • Karma agreements
  • Unconscious mirror agreements
  • Symbolism agreements
  • The pinnacle teachings

Contracts with animals are almost always created to help us heal, find balance, learn love, and similar.

Animal contracts are actually one of six types of soul contracts:

  • Migratory contract
  • Planetary and Sun contract
  • Galactic Prime Creators Being contract
  • Relationship/Karmic contract
  • Animal contract
  • Experiential contract

Other things you chose as a soul before getting here

Having a soul contract is natural for our higher selves. However, you didn’t only select who you’ll be with in this lifetime. You, as a soul, chose more:

  • You decided on your name and date of birth
  • You also chose your death
  • Your body and gender
  • Lessons you’ll learn

Basically, you designed your whole life.

Now you may wonder why you decided to put yourself through pain.

The simple answer is – your soul wanted to learn what it’s like.

Play pretend for a second and consider The Sims. If you never played it, it’s a game where you can create humans and place them in all kinds of situations. You assign the behavior, talents, needs, and relationships.

If you ever played The Sims, remember how you felt when you were creating your people. Were you excited about what they’ll do? That’s how your soul “felt” when it was designing your existence.

What do soul contracts help us learn?

Depending on the type of the soul contract, you can learn several things:

  • How to heal
  • How to love
  • What’s your path
  • How to improve future relationships
  • How to let go
  • How to raise consciousness
  • How to listen to the guides from the Universe

Some of these might be tough lessons to go through, but once you do it, you’ll feel relieved. Your higher self will learn the lesson, and you’ll be able to move on to something better or another lesson.

How do soul contracts and free will work?

Nothing is stopping you from making any type of contract while you’re a soul. You do this all with your free will. Out there, there’s no coercion or blackmailing. You sign all the contracts willingly.

The concept of free will is very complex, and many would feel punished by a higher force for the people in their lives.

Remember – you did nothing wrong. You behaved exactly as your soul wanted you to. But, your soul also knew that, as a result of your behavior, you’ll vibrationally pull in the person you have a contract with.

You are never punished for your free will. It’s your free will that attracts what you believe in.

Can you change soul contracts?

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a negative soul contract. Luckily, you can revoke these.

Revoking soul contracts

You can revoke a negative soul contract with a recitation that’s similar to regular affirmations. While you recite your revocation, you’ll be entering a collective unconscious or the Akashic records. There, you’ll be able to detach from the negative contract by stating you’re taking your power back and that you don’t want to be in the contract anymore.

What about releasing soul contracts?

To successfully release a soul contract, you’ll first need to become aware of it. You can do so via meditation, or by analyzing who’s around you and with what purpose.

Once you learn more about who your soul contracts might be, and what kind of contract you signed with them, then you can proceed to write down how you want to handle the release of this contract.

Remember that karmic contracts are hard to break since the Universe will keep sending you the same lessons over and over.

What is a soul contract reading?

A soul contract reading is in-depth channeling and spiritual interpretation of your soul’s memories. It’s similar to hypnosis, only done by a professional soul contract reader.


To sum up, soul contracts represent important relationships in this life. We’ve all selected them when we were souls. They’re slightly different than karmic contracts, in terms of how you’ll feel regarding the person you’re in contact with. A soul contract will help you in numerous ways and that’s just one of the reasons you chose it while being a soul.  

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