It’s 2021 and Tailwind Create Now Supports Instagram and Facebook

It’s 2021 and Tailwind Create Now Supports Instagram and Facebook

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Last Updated on June 1, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

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If you’re a rising star in the blogging community, you probably heard of Tailwind. Many other bloggers swear it brought them traffic, earnings, and helped them grow. We wrote about Tailwind and Tailwind Create numerous times, and today we want to briefly update you on the latest changes Tailwind made on its platform. 

But before we proceed, we’ll remind you what Tailwind is all about. 

What Is Tailwind? 

Tailwind is a platform that allows you to create and schedule posts for your social media accounts. It’s an official Pinterest partner, and many bloggers use its tools to grow their Pinterest account. 

Luckily, Tailwind updates didn’t stop there. 

Today, Tailwind has a variety of tools to help you build not only Pinterest but Instagram as well. It offers a hashtag finder, Smart Schedule, and a lot more. 

The latest update it had was Tailwind Create

About Tailwind Create

This feature helps you make pins for your website faster and saves you time on brainstorming their design. With Tailwind Create, you’ll be able to make designer-quality pins that will boost the engagement of your followers.

It’s a one-of-a-kind social media tool that creates high-quality pins with ease and helps you streamline and optimize your Pinterest marketing. However, you should use it carefully and avoid overpinning – that’s the key to success on Pinterest.

What’s great about Tailwind is that right after you use Tailwind Create you can proceed to schedule the pins you made. You don’t have to leave the platform and waste time heading over to Pinterest to upload pin by pin.

What’s new with Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create can now help you make posts for Facebook and Instagram! 

That’s right – no more reoptimizing images to fit other social media platforms. Tailwind Create now has support for Facebook and Instagram!  

You can also use Tailwind Create to start from “almost done” to create Facebook posts, Instagram Feed posts, Instagram Stories, as well as Pins. 

3 Key Benefits

With Tailwind Create, you’ll be ready for a whole new way to create standout, scroll-stopping designs for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. There are three essential benefits to using Tailwind Create: 

Design quality 

Many other platforms will have you think about the design beforehand and then placing sections of it on a blank canvas. Hundreds of “almost done” Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest designs are waiting for you to start using them. In case you don’t like them, you can still change them later in the process. 

Creation Speed

Tailwind Create immediately provides you with the right designs, based on your niche, brand colors, and other settings. This is the ultimate time-saver for when you need to create posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (yes, IG stories are also supported!).

Immediate optimization

We know that each social media platform requires specific image sizes in order to scale the image right. With Tailwind Create, you save time thinking about the size, as it automatically creates images that are optimized for the platform you need to use. 

Another great deal with Tailwind Create is that you won’t have to start your social posts from scratch. Instead, start from almost done. Set your logo, fonts, and color palettes ONE time and Tailwind Create automatically applies your brand style to every design, be it for Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram. 

How to use Tailwind Create? 

Tailwind works hard at helping you learn how to manage its platform. Take a look at the official video on how to start: 

  1. Go to the Tailwind Create a section in your Tailwind dashboard. 
  2. Click on “Start Creating”
  3. Paste your URL, confirm the title, and select/upload your image(s). 
  4. Pick the design(s) you like best, make it your own with the restyle button.
  5. Click the top right arrow > to see your design optimized for all platforms. 
  6. Hit the “➕Select” button to choose designs for downloading or scheduling right within your dashboard.

(New) Pricing plans

You can begin with the Tailwind Create and start your free account today. 

Keep in mind that with the latest updates on pricing plans, you can now get access to Pinterest and Instagram for one price. 

Forever Free

Tailwind also offers the all-new Forever Free plan (not a free trial!) that gives you more flexibility if you’re on a tight budget. All free plans will now enjoy 20 posts per month to publish on Pinterest and Instagram. There will also be 20 free Tailwind Create posts to make each month and 5 Tailwind Communities for 30 monthly submissions. 

Pro Plan – $14.99/ month or $119.88/year ($9.99/month paid annually)

Pro Plan will replace the current Plus Plan for new signups. It includes one Pinterest and one Instagram account with 100 posts per month. Those who use Pro Plan will enjoy 200 Tailwind Create posts for all platforms. If you decide on a Pro Plan, you’ll also have 5 Tailwind Communities for 30 monthly submissions. 

Advanced Plan – $29.99/month or $239.88/year ($19.99/month paid annually)

Advanced Plan comes with 1,000 posts, 2 IG and Pinterest accounts, unlimited Tailwind Create posts, and an unlimited number of communities. 

Max Plan – $59.99/month or $479.88/year ($39.99/month paid annually) 

Max Plan includes 3 Pinterest and 3 IG accounts, plus unlimited post creation, Tailwind Create post creation, and Tailwind Communities. 

Final Word

Tailwind Create really beats the competition when it comes to pin creation. And now you can also use it to create posts and stories for Facebook and Instagram. This newest feature saves you time, allows you to create the ultimate high-quality designer pins that are instantly optimized for posting.

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